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Topic review - Missing knuffles
Author Message
  Post subject:  Re: Missing knuffles  Reply with quote
Not 100% sure, both of those ones didn't have an image associated with them, and I tend to name the first pet I got with my username back then but *runs off real quick*

probably should have thought of this the first time through >.<

1. [url=https://kingdomofknuffel.com/feed.php?id=PantherNightwind]
[img]https://kingdomofknuffel.com/animal.php?id=PantherNightwind[/img][/url] *database error*

2. [url=https://kingdomofknuffel.com/feed.php?id=e1Panther]

3. [url=https://kingdomofknuffel.com/feed.php?id=lordwPantherNightwind]
[img]https://kingdomofknuffel.com/lordwPantherNightwind.jpg[/img][/url] *database error*

4. [url=https://kingdomofknuffel.com/feed.php?id=69PPantherNightwind]

5. [url=https://kingdomofknuffel.com/feed.php?id=73GPantherNightwind]

6. [url=https://kingdomofknuffel.com/feed.php?id=74OPantherNightwind]

7. [url=https://kingdomofknuffel.com/feed.php?id=X1PantherNightwind]

8. [url=https://kingdomofknuffel.com/feed.php?id=X2PantherNightwind]

# 2, 7, & 8 ones were the only ones I remembered getting from gaia. Which from what I had read, prior to making this topic, surprised me that they still worked, I didn't realize they all were from gaiaonline.

Thank you for responding Firn ;) I hope you have a wonderful day!
Post Posted: Jun 23rd, '19, 16:49
  Post subject:  Re: Missing knuffles  Reply with quote
Thee are old Knuffel that were adopted on another site, GaiaOnline, long before our current system of evolving Knuffel was introduced and are not an official part of our site, therefore do not show up in the Knuffel list. The links to them should however still work. I'll ask starkad to look into this, but it usually takes some time to get him to reply.
Are you sure the very first URL is correct? Because the second not working one is of the Old Lord Wuffel Knuffel, but the first has no Knuffel designation at all, just your username.
Post Posted: Jun 23rd, '19, 09:30
  Post subject:  Missing knuffles  Reply with quote
I have links to 8 of my knuffles, 2 of these links give database error. Yet they don't show up in my knuffle list, even clicking on the show all button. I thought there was something wrong so I adopted a new knuffle which shows up in my list just fine.

Please and thank you for any help!

These 2 are database error
https://kofk.de/index.php?p=feed&id=lor ... rNightwind

I can feed and play with these ones
Post Posted: Jun 23rd, '19, 00:16

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