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Topic review - Putting Knuffel for Adoption (solved)
Author Message
  Post subject:  Re: Putting Knuffel for Adoption (solved)  Reply with quote
The problemis that when you give up a regular Knuffel to Knufftropolis it can be adopted for the original price by other users, but many event Knuffel do not have a regular price. Some could be purchased regularly from Knufftropolis during events, but others not, like last year's Summer Event Knuffel that were obtained as prizes for reaching certain ranks in the Water Bomb Thrower list. That's why they cannot be re-purchased for food by other users Youc an however trade event Knuffel through the Vault.
Post Posted: Jul 6th, '19, 07:45
  Post subject:  Re: Putting Knuffel for Adoption  Reply with quote
Oh, thank you for this!
Sorry about that.
Post Posted: Jul 6th, '19, 04:04
  Post subject:  Re: Putting Knuffel for Adoption  Reply with quote
Subject: Given up Anniversery Knuffel

starkad Wrote:

event Knuffel are not supposed to turn up in the regular Knufftropolis shop even when they are given up. It was never supposed to work that way, during the introduction of Unique Elemental Knuffel I fixed a bug that might have allowed that before.

Since you can now trade Knuffel through the Vault there should be no need for anyway.

Hope this clears things up,
have fun!
Post Posted: Jul 6th, '19, 03:30
  Post subject:  Putting Knuffel for Adoption (solved)  Reply with quote
I've been releasing my knuffel back into Knufftroplis for others to buy (I'm not selling), but I'm noticing my holiday Knuffel aren't being put back.

I released one or two yesterday, which I don't remember, but I just released
Doughnight 2011 Knuffel
St. Patrick 2012

and I don't see it in store.

Just curious.

(once again, I'm not selling)
Post Posted: Jul 6th, '19, 00:48

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