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Topic review - Knuffel request
Author Message
  Post subject:  Re: Knuffel request  Reply with quote
If this case would ever appear, you can ask me for them.
Normally I have every (more or less newer) knuffel once in my collection, but I will do give them away if you need them for yours.

(think I said it once to you, not quite sure, I am no collector!) :qlov:
Post Posted: Aug 28th, '19, 14:58
  Post subject:  Knuffel request  Reply with quote
Firn, it finally occurred to me that with the way you've been revisiting older knuffel and giving us new versions of them, at some point you might end up doing that with the trial knuffel.

Can I please make a request that if you ever decide to change the trial knuffel and give a new version of them...
if you ever do that, please please please let us know in time to buy more of the older versions before they disappear?

Thank you :qh:

(I really like some of the trial knuffel, see. I'm sure if you make new ones I'd like them, too, but sometimes things come on the market and I need fast funds (looking at you, :fc: s!) so I drop trial knuffel because they're safe -I can always get them back later. Then I had this paranoid moment that maybe one day I'd not be able to because they'd be updated at just the wrong moment, and....
hence this plea!)
Post Posted: Jul 26th, '19, 20:50

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