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Topic review - Alphabetical ordering of knuffels
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  Post subject:  Alphabetical ordering of knuffels  Reply with quote
This is probably a weird glitch to even spot but it kind of bothers me XD
So when I go to edit my rooms and choose a new knuffel, everything is supposed to be in alphabetical order, right? But I've noticed that lowercase names and symbols go right to the bottom.
BUT when you order your knuffels by alphabetical order in your main feeding page, they show up where they would be alphabetically.

A specific example - Ádhamh is shown almost at the bottom of my rooms list, but right at the top of the list on the feeding page.

It's not a huge deal I guess but I did just spend ages trying to find Ádhamh on the feeding page and getting very confused :mcheh: I don't know if this could have other consequences in the coding as well, so just bringing it up.
Post Posted: Aug 21st, '19, 12:31

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