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READ ME before making a topic! Known Issues!
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Author:  KOfK Moderator [ Nov 3rd, '09, 03:03 ]
Post subject:  READ ME before making a topic! Known Issues!

An important information before anything else: Many, if not even most, issues, mostly technical stuff, glitch reports, layering issues, server problems, etc. can be fixed by starkad and starkad only alone. No other admin or mod can help you with this. Starkad is often quite busy with his job or study, so he cannot attend to KOfK issues on a daily base. If you report an issue only he can help you with it might be well that it takes up to several days to get any kind of reply. We are not ignoring you on purpose, we just cannot help you and all depend on him to find the free time needed to deal with an issue. Thank you for understanding.

Since users have been posting about the same issues, we
now have a known issues thread. Sometimes there are ways to work around these issues until they are fixed.
If you encounter any of the following problems, please do not make a thread about them. If your problem is not listed below, please do not post in this thread, this is just a thread about the issues listed here!

Old colour patches gives random/broken previews and gives random items/an error when trying to buy them

Subject: Frog Infernal Walking Stick? And other items ...

Firn Wrote:
Just so you don't think this is being ignored: Starkad spend several hours today trying to figure out why this is not working correctly for some people, but was not able to find the cause of the problem yet. I am sure he'll solve the problem eventually, but it might take a while.
Please do not buy any item when you don't see a preview till this is fixed.

Food; where do I get it?
Please go here to learn about food and how to get Food.
Also, you can read through this guide: A Beginner's Guide to Kingdom of Knuffel!

There are many reasons for a site to have lag, & while no one wants this to happen, this is often something we cannot do much about, because lags usually occur because users generate more traffic than the server can handle. We cannot just get a better server, or more servers, because we are limited by the money KOfK gets through donations.

Items disappearing from wardrobe
Are you missing an item in your wardrobe? Please check your market (items that you have up for sale don't show in your wardrobe), your current trades, your trade history and your market logs and see whether you sold it at some point. In the majority of reported cases of items disappearing from users wardrobes it turned out the user had sold the item and simply forgotten about it. It takes us a lot of time to track down your items in the database, so we would appreciate it a lot if you looked for the item yourself first, before contacting us.

I found material and clicked the right image for the CAPTCHA test, but it said it was wrong!
You probably had multiple tabs open which caused the error (the same goes for event pop-ups. fairies, etc). If this was not the case, we have not been able to ever reproduce this error, and therefore cannot fix it.

CAPTCHA test failure
You may find that you fail a CPATCHA test now and then. It is nothing
to worry about. Even the mods fail them now and then.

You can purchase Knuffel from Knufftropolis - The Knuffel Adoption Agency.
The Knuffel Adoption Agency can be found under the Knuffel section at the top of the page.
They are limited in number and may not always be available. There is no set time frame
in which they are replaced. Here is the Knuffel FAQ, and here is the Knuffel Guide.

Missing Knuffel
Thousands of old unused Knuffel from Gaia Online were deleted to prepare the way for new Knuffel.
Here is a link to that Announcement: Preparing for new Knuffel
also read over Save your Knufftropolis Knuffel codes! as well.

Hidden Knuffel
If you've accidently hidden your Knuffel and can't unhide it, click on the "show all" button and then click on the [ show ] button next to the Knuffel to show it again.

This Knuffel has more experience than its next level up but it's still at a low level!
This can happen if the owner of the Knuffel haven't opened up the Knuffel page to assign dig points or fight bonuses. On levels 80 and 100 the fight bonus doesn't pop up right away after assigning dig points so please be sure to refresh the page after assigning dig points.

On my Quick Feed page, some of my Knuffel says Level Up! underneath them instead of the usual count down!
You need to open up the Knuffel's individual page and assign its dig points or fight bonuses. This can also happen when you assign dig points but forget to assign their fight bonuses.

My Knuffel leveled up a bunch for no reason!
This is a known bug. Our admins are hard at work trying to fix it. In the meanwhile, please enjoy and thank you for your reports!

Post Search
The search function has been removed due to the stress it caused the servers.

Post Count Decreasing
That's no glitch, but happens due to the constant deleting of spam threads that were inactive for some time. If you posted a lot in the Spam
forum and your spam thread or a thread you posted in a lot got deleted, your post count will decrease.

Have questions about Mules? Please look here: Mule Announcement and/or take a look at KOfK's rules!

Deleting accounts
Deleting account usually can cause more problems than it does good for us: If you have zero or a only a very small number of posts that can be deleted individually, you can send a PM to Firn and she will gladly delete unwanted accounts for you. If you have any Knuffel (both normal and wild) please release them before PMing your request.
Unfortunately there is no option to delete accounts with a bigger number of posts as it would cause lags for all users.

Shop Previews
Some hats don't work properly when previewed in shops and make you go bald. That's just the preview though, and the hat works fine with your hair when you buy it.

Recently bought eyes, hair, etc. not showing up
Try adding and/or removing an item from your avatar. If it still doesn't show up, then you can create a topic in Support.

How do I clear my cache?
Sometimes it is recommended you clear your cache to stop certain errors.
If you don't know how, click here.

My Knuffel's available dig count isn't right?
Knuffel dig count is reset once every 24 hours, approximately at 6:00pm -5 GMT (or... 11:00pm / 23:00 GMT). For a converter and more information, click [Here]

Signature Size; how big are they allowed to be?
This is the max signature size: 500 x 600
Image of Maximum size

Name Change
To change your username, go to:
My Account -> Account Settings -> Edit Account Settings
Please note it will cost 1000FP.

Missing hair/eyes/mouth
Before saving the avatar, try equipping and unequipping the wig or eyes or lips. Sometimes it will cause the old hair/eyes/mouth to return.

Color chart

Author:  Hiper15 [ Jan 14th, '10, 02:07 ]
Post subject:  Re: Support Answers Found Here - Read before posting a topic!

thank you moi ^^

Author:  Bramblelegs [ Mar 27th, '10, 16:17 ]
Post subject:  Re: Support Answers Found Here: Read before making a topic! 2/19

thanx M O I!

Author:  Miss Black Diamond [ Apr 15th, '10, 21:40 ]
Post subject:  Re: Support Answers Found Here: Read before making a topic!

Thank you. :qh:

Author:  Ziaheart [ Jul 22nd, '10, 09:21 ]
Post subject:  Re: Support Answers Found Here: Read before making a topic! 5/7

I took the liberty of taking out the game information from this sticky, since the first game has been added to the site. :qcute:

Author:  Kurai9Angel [ Aug 5th, '10, 02:00 ]
Post subject:  Re: Support Answers Found Here: Read before making a topic!

Perhaps something about changing Knuffels names could be added here? That question seems to be asked often as well :3

Author:  CharstarWishes [ Sep 3rd, '10, 23:32 ]
Post subject:  Re: READ ME before making a topic! FAQ-Support Answers Here

Changed the title added LAG information

Each week there are many support threads created were the answers are found in this thread!

I wanted to take a moment to thank all who read through this and for all the uncreated threads that were not made because you found the answer here and didn't need to make a thread.

Author:  SilverPhoenyx [ Oct 15th, '10, 10:01 ]
Post subject:  Re: READ ME before making a topic! FAQ-Support Answers Here

I found material and clicked the right image for the CAPTCHA test, but it said it was wrong!

I am quoting this just to point out that I have failed this six times in the last hour. I just wanted you to know that I am a real person, and I am clicking on the correct items.

Author:  LittleSea [ May 1st, '11, 08:57 ]
Post subject:  Re: READ ME before making a topic! FAQ-Support Answers Here

This thread is a lot of help! It's already answered a couple of my questions, but just wondering... do we know why this is? (see quote below)

How to add a Friend
When going to a user's profile to add them, you may
notice that there is only the remove option.
You can add said user by going to My Account, clicking
on Friends & Foes and adding their username in the box.

Author:  Ziaheart [ May 2nd, '11, 02:06 ]
Post subject:  Re: READ ME before making a topic! FAQ-Support Answers Here

It's a glitch in the coding. Having your friendlist publicly viewable and having people in them will produce this glitch. To avoid this glitch on your own profile, you must either not have anyone in your friendlist or simply make it private like I have done so.

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