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Wrong Colour Tag Thread
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Author:  Ziaheart [ May 11th, '16, 09:16 ]
Post subject:  Wrong Colour Tag Thread

I realized accidentally that Halloween 09 items are tagged plain White rather than Gray White. They will show up if I sort by colour and manually type in "White" instead of choosing the Gray White square. Firn said things like these are better reported here.

Author:  Sunlight [ May 26th, '16, 11:52 ]
Post subject:  Re: Wrong Colour Tag Thread

Chinatown Female Hair (Blue Iris) should be (Aqua).

Author:  Sunlight [ Jun 5th, '16, 09:13 ]
Post subject:  Re: Wrong Colour Tag Thread

Doughnight '11 Wig should be Light Green.

Author:  Eva [ Jun 5th, '16, 15:03 ]
Post subject:  Re: Wrong Colour Tag Thread

>.> Are we doing this, because I have a whole list I could add.

Author:  Firn [ Jun 5th, '16, 18:51 ]
Post subject:  Re: Wrong Colour Tag Thread

Eva Wrote:
>.> Are we doing this, because I have a whole list I could add.

Please only add items that have the color as part of their name here. Like "Abby Armwarmers (Light Sand)."

For other items that don't have any color attached to their name, but show up in wrong color categories when searching for colors, please use the "search by color" thread in the Feeback forum: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=57460
I can fix these myself, while only starkad can fix the items in this thread here.

Author:  Eva [ Jun 5th, '16, 19:20 ]
Post subject:  Re: Wrong Colour Tag Thread

Arm Bandage (Red) -> fire orange/crimson?
Arm Bandage (Green) -> light green
Arm Bandage (white) -> gray white
Arm Bandage (turquoise) -> bright turquoise
Arm Bandage (violet) -> indigo
Backen combination (yellow) -> cyber yellow
Backen combination (turquoise) -> bright turquoise
Backen combination (white) -> gray white
bard hat (green) -> light green
bard hat (turquoise) -> bright turquoise
basic brush (yellow) -> cyber yellow
basic brush (white) -> gray white
basic brush (turquoise) -> bright turquoise
basic china dress (white) -> gray white
basic china dress (turquoise) -> bright turquoise
basic china dress (yellow) -> cyber yellow
basic shortsleeve undershirt (white) -> gray white
basic shortsleeve undershirt (turquoise) -> bright turquoise
basic shortsleeve undershirt (yellow) -> cyber yellow
basic sleeveless dress (Red) -> fire orange/crimson?
basic sleeveless dress (Green) -> light green
basic sleeveless dress (white) -> gray white
basic sleeveless dress (turquoise) -> bright turquoise
basic sleeveless dress (violet) -> indigo
sleeveless pullover (Green) -> light green
sleeveless pullover (Red) -> fire orange/crimson?
sleeveless pullover (turquoise) -> bright turquoise
basic suit (yellow) -> cyber yellow
basic suit (white) -> gray white
basic suit (turquoise) -> bright turquoise
basic sweater (Green) -> light green
basic sweater (yellow) -> cyber yellow
basic sweater (white) -> gray white
basic sweater (turquoise) -> bright turquoise
big gem ring (Red) -> fire orange
big gem ring (dark red) -> crimson
big gem ring (turquoise) -> bright turquoise
big gem ring (Green) -> light green
big gem tiara (white) -> gray white
big gem tiara (turquoise) -> bright turquoise
big gem tiara (Red) -> fire orange
big gem tiara (black) -> cool gray
cat flag (Green) -> light green
cat flag (white) -> gray white
cat flag (red) -> crimson
cat flag (yellow) -> cyber yellow
cat flag (turquoise) -> bright turquoise
cat nose (yellow) -> cyber yellow
cat nose (white) -> gray white
cat nose (turquoise) -> bright turquoise
cat pin (Red) -> fire orange
cat pin (white) -> gray white
cat pin (black) -> cool gray
cat pin (violet) -> indigo
cat pin (turquoise) -> bright turquoise
cord vest (Red) -> fire orange
cord vest(Green) -> light green
cord vest (white) -> gray white
cord vest (turquoise) -> bright turquoise
cord vest (violet) -> indigo
cute ribbon (Red) -> fire orange
cute ribbon (blue) -> teal
cute ribbon (brown) -> sand brown
cute ribbon (olive) -> leaf green
cute ribbon (turquoise) -> bright turquoise

Some of these sets have colors not in the standard set.
A lot of items under yellow, white, black, green and turquoise, are actually cyber yellow, gray white, cool gray, light green or bright turquoise.

Author:  Firn [ Jun 5th, '16, 19:52 ]
Post subject:  Re: Wrong Colour Tag Thread

I think there is a misunderstanding. The items you listed are, as far as I can tell, all very old items that don't use colors from the color chart at all, so their color names are rather random. There is nothing for starkad to fix, because even with other color names, they would still have colors that differ from the chart.
They will be fixed name and color-wise once they get remade.

Author:  Eva [ Jun 6th, '16, 11:17 ]
Post subject:  Re: Wrong Colour Tag Thread

That wasn't clarified. But that's cool, I'll just let ya'll work on it since I don't seem to understand what you're looking for.

Author:  Sunlight [ Jun 10th, '16, 09:40 ]
Post subject:  Re: Wrong Colour Tag Thread

Laced Locket Heart Tophat (White/Black) should be Cream White.

Author:  Kiwi Cannoli [ Jul 7th, '16, 20:53 ]
Post subject:  Re: Wrong Colour Tag Thread

I think this is the right place too post this, if not then I'm sorry for bothering you.

:qstar: Earth hair clip 2 doesn't show up when you search for light green items.

:qstar: The Sweetheart Muffin Hats in Crimson, Magenta And Bright Turquoise are under the hat tab, while the rest are under the accessories tab.

:qstar: When you type in "Light" into the search bar while having it sort by name it comes up with the '13 Easter items even though light isn't in there name. The Daffodil Clip(Light Sand), Snail-Shell hat (Light blue and Light Green) and top of roses (Light Blue) Also show up.

:qstar: If you type in "Yellow" The other '13 Easter items, Elven top (Yellow) and Snail-Shell hat (Yellow) also show up.

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