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 Post subject: Avatar Item Suggestions and Requests
Post Posted: Jul 17th, '08, 10:28    

Knuffel Moderator

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Please feel free to post suggestions and requests for avatar items in this thread.

Please don't suggest general things like staffs, armor, animal ears, etc, because we will get all these items for sure.
This thread is not for suggesting item categories, but certain items. So, instead of suggesting, for example, "staff" go into detail like "I want a staff with a heart-shaped pike and little wings", etc...

IMPORTANT: BEFORE YOU SUGGEST AN ITEM THINK ABOUT HOW IT WOULD LAYER! Imagine the item, then imagine it layering under multiple different items, then imagine it layering over the same multiple items. Some items, like belts or narrow bracelets just don't work. I am truly sorry. We would love to make these items for you, but we can't. :([/color][/b]
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 Post subject: Re: Avatar Item Suggestions and Requests
Post Posted: Jul 17th, '08, 13:15    

Knuffel Moderator

Last updated: 18.June.2011

This is the list of Suggested items.

- Items that have been crossed off are items that
a) have already been made
b) won't be made (possibly due to layering issues or copyright issues)

If you want to try to find something quickly, press Ctrl+f and type in an item you want to look for, or part of a description of it and look through what pops up.

While some may be seen on the list, just keep in mind, this list is full of suggested items, not future items.
And now the list.

1. Modified Akatsuki Robes: [Reference] The Akatsuki robes are from the anime series, Naruto. I'm sure that Firn can come up with something to replace the cloud patterns and give it an original twist. Hearts? Rainbows? Stars? I would love you forever, Firn, if you replaced those cloud patterns with something like the Lucky Charms marshmallows. XD

2. Hoodies that resemble Pokemon: ...like the ones Gaia made for Easter or like the bear or monkey jammies that have hoodies ... I think Jigglypuff and Vulpix are adorable, and little Pika-look-alike would be cute too ...

I could go for the Eevee (and evolutions) ears and tails. So many different styles.

3. Stuff from Games: The only thing that I can think of that I want to see is a version of Albel's (Star Ocean) hairstyle.

4. Mechanical Chi Ears (from the Chobits series): [Reference]
5. Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Carribean) Headbands: [Reference 01] [Reference 02]

...uh, and a bottle of rum as an accessory...[/s]

6. Non-hold Microphones: I'm not sure what you call it. I don't really have any examples, but I know the Vocaloids have them.

Possibly a microphone headset.

8. Final Fantasy and Tales of the Abyss Items/Clothes/Creatures: We could have Cheagels and Yuna shirts!

9. Spiked and Studded Collars: [Reference 01] [Reference 02]

10. Shredded EGL Dress: [Reference]

11. Funky Pupils: [Goat pupils] [Rikku from FFX] [Mix 01] [Mix 02] [Mix 03] [Mix 04] Cat and snake ones are cool too, of course.

12. Naruto Pupils: [Reference 01] [Reference 02] [Reference 03] [Reference 04] [Reference 05] [Reference 06]

13. Naruto Headbands

14. Facial Scars: [Reference 01] [Reference 02] [Reference 03]
15. Taped Mouths: [Reference]

16. A red string tied to the pinkie finger and leading off the window to that certain someone.

17. A sci-fi holographic chart that shows up on the wrist or an open pocket watch and chain.

18. Arm Band: Maybe twisting liquid like metal design with a gem in the middle. Bar codes? A band of small stars connected to hold a crescent moon? Ones that say Class President or Reporter? A simple gold one with old language scribed in it? Or possibly floral like with the vines seemingly still growing?
I'd like to suggest something like a vambrace for your forearm. It could be plain (like leather), studded, various metal colors (with or without engraving), or even jeweled.

19. Vests: Hmm...there's always classical ones with a little handkerchief or flower in the chest pocket. Single buttoned, triple, ones with up with a large charm on the zipper clip, closed with an open heart shape at the chest. Western themed, tattered with old bullet holes, Asian themed with elements and dragons or koi fish on them, spider webs, one with feather accents on one shoulder...

20. Knuffel clothes: Clothes like the ones our Knuffels wear.

22. Uniforms: A police uniform set... complete with a donut to hold. A jailbird outfit would be cool too. You know like in the old movies with the stripes and striped hat.... and matching cuffs would look nice too.

23. A Robinhood hat! Like the one Peterpan wears that's green with a red feather.

24. Different hand positions? Like waving and a peace sign or pointing etc?

25. Glasses styles (silver/gold frames, plastic "emo" glasses): [Reference]

27. Cat Ears with Ribbons: [Reference]

29. Hairclips: [Blanca Hairclip] [Rainbow Hairclip] Star-shaped ones... Rainbow shaped hairclips... How about a shooting star with a rainbow tail?

30. Plushies: Deer, fox, dog, turtle, penguin, panda...sitting on our heads or "hugged" in one arm.

31. Hello Kitty Stuff

32. Star Necklace: Silver Starfish

33. Peace Medallion

36. Clothes that I drew on my albino phoenix: [Reference]

37. Maybe different expressions? Like, the eyes could be winking, or you can have the happy face [[^_^]] or a sad face [[V.V]] Also [[-_-]] [[^_~]]. Possibly a mouth with the tongue sticking out too.

38. What about Lord of the Rings cosplay? You could make sets of items featuring some types of characters from the book that would also fit many other styles. They would not need to be exactly as the films; you can use them for inspiration or not.

39. The knight. Clothing: Brown tunic. Brown cape and clasp. Dark brown leather belt. Item: Sword. Accessory: Bow and arrows on his back. Leaf brooch. Background: Mountains.
40. The lady. Clothing: White/light-color romantic dress [Reference]. White cloak. Item: Evenstar pendant. Long silver earrings. Silver chains crown (see reference). Accessory: Silver ring. Mirror. Background: White palace.

41. The gentleman. Clothing: White shirt. Dark green vest. Green cape and decorated clasp. Item: Arrows on his back. Tiara [Reference]. Accessory: Bow. Background: Forest.

42. The peasant. Clothing: White shirt. Jacket. Cape. Item: A ring. Accessory: Bag for food. Background: Village.

44. The barbarian. Clothing: Dark shirt and cape. Leather belt. Crossed belt [Reference]. Item: Axe. Accessory: Headpiece (see example before). Background: Cave.

45. Gen Lab animal suggestions: Cheetah, Fox, Raccoon, Mouse

46. Spine Tie: [Reference]

47. Huge bows attached to headphones: [Reference]

48. Teapot and a teacup.

49. Eye bandages.

50. Blush or eye shadow? (Light make up not excessive.)

51. Feather duster.

52. Maid hat made out of lace.

53. A necklace with 3 or 4 strands of beads on it and a heart at the bottom with wings and a little gem in it.

54. Different flavoured jam donuts, since that's the currency. Held item.

55. Cute outfit: [Reference 01] [Reference 02]

58. Autumn version of the leaf top...in colors like brown, yellow, orange, and red. It could look similar to the original one, but a little tattered and torn, like an actual leaf that's blown off the tree and gotten crumpled.

60. Hair: A fro styled hair, dread locks, dread lock pigtails, liberty spikes, mohawk.

61. Edain MT: Jacket [Reference 01] [Reference 02], Vest [Reference 01] [Reference 02], Pet Cloud [Reference 01], small horn, rainbow background, mismatched blue and purple eyes, pink horse tail, Edain's uneven white and pink hair [Reference 01] [Reference 02], and/or eyebrow and ear piercings.

62. Some odds and ends to hold: fork, fishing pole, yo-yo, hockey stick, playing cards, teacup, cookie, paddle ball.

63. Doctor/nurse outfits. (Hats with a red cross.)

64. Belts at the waist. They can be just below the bust, in various colors, and make our avatars look allot more interesting and colorful.

65. Headband with a symbol on it.

67. Shirts with a HUGE neck cuff and long sleeves... with buttons instead of buckles... (Similar to Vincent Valinetine from FFVII.)

69. Gloomy black robe with a hood.

70. Black kitty puppet. [Reference]

71. Kazuma S-cry-ed "transformation" costumes. [Reference]

74. A whirl of leaves around the avatar. Could be seasonal/colored for maple leaves or some brown, red, gold dead leaves, fresh green ones, silver leaves. Or if not leaves then floral petals? For flowers the come to mind are the simple rose and sakura petals and maybe even dandelion puff things.
75. Thinning mist to make it like your avatar just appeared or just became visible from nowhere/somewhere. Mist could be different colors like a normal fog or an eerie red mist.

76. Striped shirts in all colors!
77. Silver monocle. [Reference]
79. Dog collars and cat collars.

80. Pets: Parrot, Dog, Butterfly, Bee, Bunnies, Fox, Horse (with the hand holding the reins.)

81. Invisible avatars. (Maybe just outlines?)

83. Space suit with the big bubble head helmet thingy.
84. Choco chip cookie themed treasure set with a giant choco chip cookie to hold in my hand, a CCC hair clip, CCC earrings, CCC background, a chocolate stained mouth, crazed sugar-rushed looked eyes, a CCC balloon, an I <3 CCC's shirt!

85. Matthew Fox set with a Foxy hair doll, an I <3 Foxy shirt, a five o'clock morning shadow (beard), his arm tattoo, maybe one of the polar bears from his series, Lost, as a pet, his tight leather suit from Speed Racer for clothes.

86. Scarf with a piano key pattern.

87. A combination of Hair 3's front and Hair 5's back part.

90. Something similar to the Soul Reaper uniforms from Bleach (I think it's called Shihakushou). References: [Standard] [Nemu] [Soifon] [Shuhei]

91. Cat eye shades

92. 3D glasses

93. Night vision goggles

94. Ski Goggles

95. Aviator sunglasses

96. Heart or star-shaped shades

97. Oversized clown glasses

98. Emo glasses

99. Ninja Turtle masks

100. Google-eyed glasses

101. Tube tops that show stomach.

102. Headband with wiggling antennae.

103. Tall striped top hat (Cat in the Hat).

105. Layered t-shirts (short-sleeved tee over a long sleeved one)

106. Samurai outfit.

107. Skeletons outfit.

108. Race car driver's outfit.

109. Business attire.

111. Mole/beauty mark.

112. This hairstyle and ears: [Reference]

113. Helix piercings [Reference]

115. A regular halo. (Edit: in white, black, gold, ect. colors)

116. Roses in our hair. Maybe tucked behind one ear?

117. Bracelets

118. Head bandannas that match the skull shirt.

120. Head bandannas with a flowing/semi-flowing tie in the back.

121. Black collars with silver/gold chains attached to them: [Reference]

122. Karate bandana

123. A Neconeco on our heads... maybe as two tigers: [Reference]

125. Kitty wrap, gloves, jewelry, and masks

126. A dragon...

127. An abacus: [Reference]

130. Gold, white, and rainbow clothes.

131. Different expressions; pouty lips, "yes" expression, one where the avatar puffs her cheeks and makes a stomp foot expression like she's impatient.

132. Chocolate wings; bitten at the top, and melting at the tips or one with just bitten at the top.

133. More hairstyles: [shaved, bald, flat top, fauxhawk

134. A few more element based items, flame shoulder pads, cape, and crown.
135. Blindfolds for the eyes: [Reference]

136. Darker skin for bases (dark brown).

137. Mermaid items (eg. kelp, pet fish/octopus/crab/puffer fish with two forms, shell and pearl necklaces.)

138. Traveler items (luggage, sunglasses, camera-necklace, camcorder- hand, ipod- wearing, map-hand, cell phone, airplane in the sky, tourist sites like Statue of Liberty, Mt. Fuji, desert, tropical, and other famous sites bg)

139. Spa items (robe, face mask skin/eyes, cucumber eyes, towel hat, mud wrap skin, candle BG, parfin wax glove)

140. Spikes coming out of the body as clothing, chain wraps, colored straitjackets.

141. Books in hand
143. Princess Outfits

144. Marionette Set with strings coming down from the top of the avatar image, joint markings in the skin, long nose, and curtains (like the shop preview ones). [Reference 01] [Reference 02]

145. Scissors

146. Bone wings

147. See-through veil with small flower patterns or web patterns. Dark purple, black, and white in color?

148. Gremlin/goblin hiding behind your shoulder and smirking.

149. Pygmy marmoset or a little chameleon to hold on your finger.

150. Long, high-collared coats. (reference)

151. Armbands. Maybe a Wuffel version of this. (reference)

152. Earrings that go from the top of the ear to the lips. (reference)

153. A big scarf that covers the mouth and goes 'woosh' in the back.

154. A dark/fallen angel set. The colors of the wings would be black/dark grey and would be ripped up a bit. Clothing would be a cloak with a hood. Maybe eyes could look sad or glazed over.

155. A daisy chain crown, and daisy chain necklace.

156. Samurai-esque clothes. (reference)

157. Crests and background images. (reference 01) (reference 02) (reference 03)

158. Kokeshi dolls. Maybe a pink/red one with sakura patterns. (reference)

159. Hawaiian items - Luau. The flowers in a circle on your head or around your neck. Large flowers for the hair (hairpins). Coconut bras. Pineapples and kebabs.

160. A trinity drum necklace, earrings, or a bracelet. I'm talking about the three comma symbol that means strength.

161. Pink tiaras, damsel hats, berets.

162. Strawberry earrings, Peace sign earrings, Hoop earrings (that have a plastic look to them). Pearl necklaces, oriental fan earrings, or possibly fortune cookie earrings. Headbands and makeup?

163. Nun uniforms. (reference)

164. Elizabethan Era-like items. Gowns, crowns, scepters, corsets, and big ruff collars. Gown1, Gown2, Gown3, Gown4. Mens clothes. Crown1, Crown2. Collar1, Collar2, Collar3.

165. School uniforms. (reference)

166. Tuxedos.

168. Snow hat with something fluffy on top.

169. Lightning cheek tattoo.
171. Giant back-ribbon.

172. A purple dress like [this].

174. Freckles (on the face and shoulders) and moles.

176. Eyes with two different colors (for example, Gigi's).

177. Mismatched eyes.

178. Film frame. (Reference)

179. Fedoras (Reference)

[s]180. Suspenders. (Reference)

181. Aviator hats/goggles. (Reference)

184. White cats.

185. White rabbit ears with black speckles, and an armored outfit. (Reference; Fran from FFXII)

186. Leather jacket.

189. Clothes similiar to that from Fushigi Yugi: Genbu Kaiden. [Reference 01] [Reference 02] [Reference 03] [Reference 04]

192. A bunny poking its head out from the borders.

194. Cute anime blushes on our cheeks... like a red glow to the cheeks, or those three vertical red stripes on each cheek, or the black thunderbolt-shaped ones, or like a bright red/pink circle. And freckles!

195. The annoyed anime vein that pops out on the side of our heads.

196. A riceball pet, and riceballs, and chopsticks, or a bowl of rice, and some rice that sticks to the mouth, and a riceball in the hand with a bite taken out of it?

197. Feather boas around the neck or draped around the arms. [Reference]

198. Team Rocket uniforms from Pokemon (but changing the R to a K or W).

199. Feudal era Japanese garb, like in Rurouni Kenshin, Inu Yasha, and Spirited Away.

200. A vest like the Stripper Vest, but in a black and white cow pattern. Or just any cute cow-related items.

201. Monthly items that go with the saying, "April showers bring May flowers." A stormy background, a top that covers the chest to look like a cloud, rainy tattoos on the stomach, arm, or face, contacts that look like they have a stormy sky in them, lightning bolt shaped earrings. For May, a flowery theme but with a twist, instead of lilies, sunflowers, you could do exotic flowers. Maybe you could make a cocktail hat that looked like [this], and a bunch of [these] hanging in the background, and a corsage like [this].

203. Ankhs, as tattoos, shirts, and jewelry.

204. Dark cabaret items corsets, cinchers, make-up.

205. Pink and green raver/cyber goth clothes.

206. Six wings (demonic or angelic).

207. Items that show support for Wuffel and Knuffel.

208. Tops like [these].

209. Sporks.

210. A top like [this] or [this].

214. A large tied bow on our backs. An elegant/cute-looking black one would be cool.
215. A leaf ring, or items that match past monthly sets.

216. A ripped Rockband button shirt.

217. An artichoke fairy. [Reference 01]

218. Wigs with flowers or beads in them.

220. A hoodie based on [Duskskull]; a version of it with the mask down, and one with its mask to the side.

221. A tiger background where it looks like it's about to swallow you.

222. A buttefly balloon/butterfly kite/butterfly hairclip.

224. J-Rock clothes. [Reference 01] [Reference 02]

225. Traditional and modernized Asian garments. [Reference 01] [Reference 02]

226. Eye shadow. [Reference 01] [Reference 02]

227. An over-sized cat bell collar.

228. Big utensils like a fork or spoon or spork.
229. A fruit hat.

230. Scars or burn marks on the skin.

231. Chopsticks holding food like sushi, noodles, and tempura.

233. Stars painted on our eyes and/or cheeks.

234. Chopsticks in our hair.

235. A background with just petals falling down. White, blue, pink, or red petals. (Not like the withered tree background; just petals.)

236. More facial expressions on our avatars: closed eyes (happy ^_^ :qhehe: , sad u_u, tired -_- :qsweat: ), winking, a mouth with a tongue sticking out :9 .

238. Fishnet shirts and gloves in black, red, pink, white, purple, green, and blue. [Reference] [http://i297.photobucket.com/albums/mm209/Sarin-19/Fishnetgloves2.gif][Reference][/url] [Reference] [Reference]

239. A sock set with a sock dress and wig.

240. A headband that goes across the forehead and under the bangs... maybe one with a jewel (like the forehead jewel) on the front.

241. A cape or shawl that goes over the top of the chest and part of the shoulders?

242. Some dragons that come from behind the shoulders/back. (Specifically red and blue dragons but it doesn't matter.)

243. More colors for the Victorita Dress, especially a light pink one with hot pink accents.

244. A hairstyle that's slightly flipped/curled. [Reference]

245. Additional circus items: a circus tent background (from the outside), juggling ball/hoops, more circus animals, and a black and white magician's wand.

246. Brightly colored suspenders with designs on them (like diamonds) or any kind of suspenders.

248. Barrettes.

249. A lasso.

250. A winding key for our backs (like wind-up dolls) in all sorts of shapes and designs.

251. Puppet strings with wooden handles to go above our heads and hold our arms and heads up.

252. Rosey cheek spots in different shades for different skin tones (even for black and white.)

253. Additional circus items: a ringmaster's bow tie, a lion on the left and a tiger on the right with mouths open to swallow the ringmaster, a seal balancing a ball in the background, an audience in the background.
254. More dragon items: wings, horns, tails, eyes, ears, and skin. A dragon set with a sword or staff and a pet knight.

255. Long hair with big curls...dolly hair.

256. Dog Tags (Like in the military)

257. Items based off of the Chinese Zodiac
258. Princess items

259. More earrings - golden ones or large gold hoop earrings

260. Musical items - clothes based off musical things as well as instruments
Violin, flute, musical note hairclips and earrings/holdable items, music-themed background (how about sheet music)

261. Belly Jewelry (Belly button ring or gem)

262. Tattoos around the sides and stomach (lower area of the avatar) as well as the forehead

263. The werewolf set

264. A Cherry Blossom theme
265. New Backgrounds:
Flower garden background: Roses up to the avatar's hand, with an iron arc behind the roses and a dirt path.
Castle: A castle (like the one drawn for the KofK website) with white birds flying around.

266. More animals sitting on our heads (rabbit)

267. More purses: tote purses, polka-dot purses, striped purses

268. Eyes like Gaara [Reference]

269. Arm warmers (Short and kinda poofy - from the wrist to the elbow)
270. Fox set - Arctic fox, regular fox:

271. nitemare set

272. More flower sets (Fairy sets?) Lilly, Sunflower and Daisy

273. Vampire skin

274. Ice cream set

275. Ulquiorra outfit (from the anime Bleach) [Reference]
And "wrath" mode : [Reference]

276. The basic collar item as a bracelet too

278. Fox masks that cover the face in multiple colors

279. Happy eyes that are closed

280. A t-shirt that is loose, the main color is white, but it has colored sleeves and a star on the front.

282. Cool rectangle sunglasses, in size just covering half of the typical avatar's eyes.

283. A leather jacket, like a biker one, just for kicks. If it said 'Wuffel' on the arm, that would be awesome and story relative.

284. Feline set!
In any color, though a black cat would be my favorite! Other possibilities: Siamese, smokey grey, silver tabby, Calico, tuxedo (black and white)

Cat Whiskers
Cat glove (a glove with a cat face on it, or a glove that looks like a cat paw) Cat scarf ( a scarf with a cats head on 1 end, and the tail on the other)
Cat skin
Cat plushie (like the floppy bunny one in the shops, or like gunna the sheep)
Cat Ears
Cat Tail
Cat Eyes

285. Season themed sets - watermellon backgrounds, fruity/flowery backgrounds, sun dresses, sun hats, etc.

286. More frames that cover the bottom of the background rather than the top. (Fish jumping over waves)

288. Attacking pet duck

289. More piercings - Nose, eyebrows, etc.

290. Tattoos around the neck or on the opposite arm

291. Geisha MT set

292. Hanging lanterns (like the ones that were in the shop previews of the Beach Lodge)
293. Steampunk items [Reference]

294. Opera curtains, plus a rope tugging on a chandelier looming overhead

295. Rapiers

296. Far East gear: Mendalas, bamboo watercolor hangings (you could hold one in your hand or it could be in the corner) and caligraphy brushes.

297. Artist gear: Brushes, pencils, easels, paints, tie-dye background, canvas background (work-in progress backgrounds - unfinished)
Another user wrote: There could be like a hand-held paintbrush, an apron/overalls, a background easel, paint splodge tattoo, artist's beret, arty earings of some kind, one of those pallet-things artists have, y'know with the paint on
298. The Luna Hair in different colors, but as a wig

299. Indian saris References: [x] [x] [x] [x]

300. An open detached pocketwatch dangling in hand (or held in hand)

301. A large clock in the background set like the Mantra of light

302. A clock tower background

303. Chinese umbrella [Reference]

304. Egyptian themed items - egyptian eyes : [Reference]
Egyptian white dresses, bracelets, headdresses, staves

305. Even more dragon items: scales over one eye, dragon claws, the whiskers that are on asian dragons

306. Maid Dresses
References: [x][x]

307. Alice in Wonderland Dresses
References: [x][x][x][x][x][x]

308. Black Cat set

309. "I think we should have a knight set

310. Shooting Star
311. Ribbon border

312. borders that just go on the right and left (not top or bottom)

313. Halloween Kimono, simple kimonos (without designs), and animal themed kimonos
Animal themed references/ideas: [x][x]

314. Japanese oriented items - coin purse, hair decorations, umbrellas
315. different style headphones (large ones, small ones, angel and devil themed ones, panda themed ones)

317. Eye bandages (like for Guro Lolitas)
References: [x][x][x]

318. wounds, rotting flesh, exposed bone (like arms, ribcage, face), scars

319. Cat bells and collars and items with bells

320. Your versions of the Mermaid Melody: Pichi Pichi Pitch outfits [Reference]
321. More Bracelets: References: [x][x][x][x][x][x]

312. More lollipops (Heart shaped)

313. The heart necklace quest item as a hairpiece (dangling hearts from beads in the hair)

314. Epic Scarf [Reference]

315. Mime Set:
Face Mask: [x]
Hat + Wig: [x]
Mime Shirt: [x]
Mime Glove: [x]
Black Lips (Frown): [x]
Happy Face Pin: [x]
Steering Wheel: [x] [x]
Monkey Companion: [x]
Black Lips (Non-Frown): [x]

315. Pumpkin Set

316. More lip colors (like dark purple) or glossy lipstick
317. Sparkly tatoos [Reference]
318. Rain Set
Bright Yellow Rain Coat [x]
Rainbow Umbrella [x]
Stormy background (a rainy park or a rainy landscape held in gray, brown, black and other dull colours with some leaves flying through it)
Red Leaf Pin: [x]
Wet Hair [x]
Cloud (with a cute face) [x]

319. Raccoon Set
Coon tail: [x]
Coon skin: [x]
Coon ears: [x]
Coon hair: [x]
Coon on your head: [x]
Littered Alley way: [x] [x]

320. Bent/twisted cigarette held between the fingers with a swirl of smoke coming from it.

321. More 2-cornered frames like on the Peacock set (some that cover the opposite corners too)
322. Not sure how to post this, but some users want more color combinations?
More scarlet/deep orange
More pink/green
More red/black and white/black
Black/silver or black/gold
More red/gold
"Baby" blue (or turquoise...thanks, Mikael!)/dark "chocolate" brown
Forest green/dark "chocolate" brown
Dark "royal" purple/turquoise
Light grey/dark grey
Yellowish-green/forest green
Ocean blue/sky blue

323. [Look at the top two avatars]
Clothy Samurai set (Not the traditional samurai set)
Samurai Set
- Robe
- Gloves
- Headpiece(s)
- Sword (not added)

324. [Look at the bottom two avatars]
Dark Emperor/Empress
- Coat (black fur)
- Eye bandage
- Full finger ring
- Facepaint
- Lipstick/mole
- Glove
- Earring
325. Harajuku [Reference]

326. Punk [Reference]

329. Mech [Reference]

330. Winter [Reference]

331. Patchwork Skin [Reference]
To go for a rag-doll look

332. Studded Leather Gauntlets [Reference]

333. Bucklers with crest [Reference] and many different color schemes

335. Large Butterfly head pieces: [x] [x]

336. Fancy/oldy hats? (dunno what to call them xD) [Reference]

338. Honeybee and Cherry Fairies [Reference]

339. More Mythological items: leaf crown, roman style clothes[Reference]

340. Assassin set [Reference]

341. Shinigami set [Reference]

[s]342. Gen lab has the option to change gender

344. Marie Antoinette set:
fans, (non oriental in style)
Masks with sticks you hold to the side.
gloves, gem jewelry & hair accessories,
and white powder skin!
References: [x][x][x][x]
Another user wrote: There can also be a parasol

345. Handkerchiefs with colored lace borders [Reference]

346. Full Finger Ring [Reference]

347. Fish Skins [Reference]

349. A top like this: [x] It's from an OC not an anime.

350. Button-down polos

351. Open Jackets or loose open coats

352. "I know that there's already the Golden Bird but I thought it would be nice if you could make a chick one too. This one cold perch on people's heads instead (under the front part of the hairstyle but over the back region) I think it would be cute. "

353. Hoodies

354. Katana

356. Eyepatch with a rose on it[/s]

358. zombie set

359. Doll Set
360. The lips from the peacock item's preview as an actual item

361. A skull mask to the side of our heads like the Kistune Masks, but at a more forward angle

362. bandages on our heads that cover one of our eyes

363. Scene Hair [Male reference] [Female Reference]

364. Cyberpunk

365. Stars, sparkles or hearts floating around the avatar

366. More horns (like the leaf horn) but in different colors

368. A coat like this: [Reference] but with long sleeves and three or four ornamental chainlets on its sholders and breast

369. white, blue, black and dark red shirts with long sleeves like this: [Reference]

370. Waistcoats in black, blue,red, green, white and purple colours

371. classic shirts and classic jackets in black, blue,red, green, white and purple colours.

372. Another Sailor Shirt

373. Long braid, or twin braids

374. Monarch wings (an entire butterfly set, with hairpiece and dress?)

375. Ancient Priestess set (hooded cape, gown, closed eyes, staff)

376. Hand fruit! Not only would apples be cool, but bananas (bananaphone!), bunches of grapes held by the stems, maybe even some veggies like peppers can get in on it!

377. More to add to an Egyptian item set: -Asp pet [Reference]
-Snake band for the forehead
-Cleopatra eyes (eyes with kohl)
-Cleopatra hair (a wig)

378. fancy parasols, especially if they are covered in lace and/or bows

379.If possible, can there be vests that could layer separately over certain tops, like the top I'm wearing now?
Fancy vest.
"Rocker" vest.
not possible

380. Knuffel Hair (especially Earth Knuffel)

381. Spring set (Flower hairpin, flower/ivy boarder, meadow background with flowers covering it, hair held up with flower ties(?), Large flower hat, white gloves with a flower trim, matching white top with flower trim, bird pet-robin/hummingbird)

382. St Patrick set (Hat, leprechaun, pot of gold, clover, green vest, clover boarder, rainbow, and green gloves maybe?)

384. For the fall a return to school set (Backpack, school outfit, hand held item could be ruler/pencil/book, hair held back in a ponytail with a bow, apple boarder, chalkboard background, pencil behind the ear (if that's possible?), maybe apple earrings?)

385. Halloween set (Black cat-Black cat ears, black cat tail, Blue cat eyes, cat hairpin, cat pet-sits in corner like snowbear does, blue color to match eyes with yellow bell, paw gloves, cat top)
386. Other Halloween sets could have ideas like-classic horror movie, jack'o'lantern, wearwolf, mummy, skeleton, etc.

387. Valentines Day Cheek Heart lowered.

388. Chocolate Set (Maybe for Valentines Day 2011:
Chocolate Skin (Maybe with a bite taken out)
Chocolate Bar that our avatars are about to eat
Chocolate-smeared face/mouth
Pink background with a heart that says something (like a valentine card)
Chocolate kiss hat (like a Hershey's kiss on our heads)
Melting or bitten chocolate wings

389. Items themed off of cards (spades, diamonds, hearts and clubs) - Lady luck sets?

390. Mardi gras for a future February

391. Nacho wings

392. Cross Top [Reference]

393. Magical Girl Set:
Maybe with a pink haired wig with curled pigtails, some heart clips, a magical-girl designed dress, cute little wings that don't connect to the back, and a magic wand? And you could add a cute anime blush to the set... [Reference]

394. Cookie Costume with cookie eyes

395. giant bows on our chests (wtf) like the giant hair ribbons and except not on our heads or the halloween neck ribbon (i think it was called that) except bigger and in assorted colors

396. Bunny ear headbands [Reference]

397. long and high pigtails

398. HanBok youth hair: Reference

Korean womens' clothes:
Skirt+Shirt - plain
Skirt+Shirt - special occasion

Korean mens' clothes:
Traditional garb
Shirt without vest

399. Pajama set
- a cute nightcap
- a nightgown/pjayma top
- a dressing gown/bath robe to put over it
- a holdable teddy/blanket
- closed/sleepy eyes
- a "zzz" emoticon
- a messy bed-hair wig!

400. Library background

401. Card backgrounds (mainly the four aces)

402. Thicker versions of the default borders.

403. Kitsune Set/Inari Set:
- multiple fox tails (double or nine)
- double fox ears
- white and red (with gold touches) kimono
- rice-ball border
- very light flowers and trees background [Reference]
- shrines background (inari's shirnes)
- stone fox pet?

404. more borders with decorations in the top right and bottom left corners to see faeries better.

405. a blue eye patch over the left eye

406. Vanilla Sunsine set [Image] (or other items to match the vanilla head flower)

407. squid or octopus item that sits on the head (or is a hat)

411. Butterfly sets: [Blue] [Orange]

412. Street Set [Reference]

413. A bollywood type set would be awesome or nose ring item.
Probably as a monthly set? Henna as an option?

414. Chinese Opera masks or makeup.

415. Sailor Moon type fuku (sailor suits), hair, and tiaras

416. Military Uniforms (fantasy / Wuffle and Knuffel uniforms for soldiers), camo outfits

417. More male aristocrat/lolita clothes

418. bob haircut. or as I like to call it: china-doll haircut. Even as a TT item.

419. more items with hight collars, sort of like the Midnight Rose coat

420. Button eyes or crystal eyes [Reference], stitched skin/ragdoll skin

421. [This item] as a hair item like [This item]

422. Perhaps a Peter Pan monthly set? It would be nice since it would be directed towards both genders: Peter Pan's shirt and hat, Wendy's bow and dress, Hook's hook (XD) and crocodile, Tinkerbell's wings and hair.

423. Super Hero outfits Examples: [Reference]
424. Simple/Basic hairbands with no decorations. (Please use the color for the air top on at least one.)
425. More yellow items for the arms

426. More Shields to match the new weapons

427. More hairstyles...
- hairless / bald
- wavy (no style, just waves)
- unisex wavy hair
428. Huge Hair Ribbons with a slight adjustment in size: [Reference]

429. The June 2010 MT hat for the Victorian set looks to be hovering. Could it be moved slightly to the left?

430. tentacle-bottoms (like an octapus)

431. more Wuffle Eye Colors

432. Birthday party items:
- three tier cake or slice
- presents
- confetti
- more birthday hats/birthday crowns

433. FanPlusFriend inspired items like their following products...

434. Ninja-like facial masks (like Kakashi's) or surgical masks.

435. Torque necklaces and bracelets. (the user provides a wonderful description and reference in her post: [here])

436. More bowties in a variety of colors and shapes.

437. More facial tattoos or paint around the eyes
Examples: [1][2]

438. Bandages that cover most / both of our eyes (blind folds) [1]

439. White-out sets [Reference]

440. Little Devil sets [Reference]

441. Starry Night sets [Reference]

442. Mechanic's set:
- Wrench in hand
- overalls
- over the shoulder tool belt
- goggles over the eyes or around the neck
- bandannas on the head
- grease spots on face or clothing or in the background

443. Strap removed from the good and evil top. [edit by user]

444. Neon-colored items and horizontally striped shirts [reference]

445. Midnight Blue and Light purple armwarmers. The colors they person is asking for are these: [Midnight blue] and [Light purple]

446. More hats or hair accessories that remove the back portion of our hair.

447. absolutely white skin and ears (I'm putting this because what I saw in past suggestions had the skin with different textures like stitches or zombie effects... and the angel skin has a blue hue to it and some users want skin without the blue hue as well)

448. multiple colored skin and ears in Rikashitsu.

449. Scythe (I thought this was already suggested, but I couldn't find it on the lists)

450. Something like the Basic Sweater but long-sleeved.

541. Super-Heart set [Reference][/color]

542. Blue Tank Top [url=http://www.iaza.com/work/100728C/Item_000212407.png][Reference]

543. Devil Black and Red [Reference]

544. 4-Eyed Pirate [Referencel]

545. No bangs and a braid on each side hairstyle

546. Handguns! The antique XVIII century ones especially, but general firearms will do as well.

547. Wrist items; like tattoo's, scars, or just plain ornamental ribbons.

548. Monthly Treasure based on Calla Lilies

549. Gift from the Queen Wig in that sparkly gold color. *___* Any style, as long as both genders can wear it. (dream would be a chinese doll cut aka. bob with even bangs at the front)

550. Large neck ribbon that ties BEHIND the neck. Like the halloween style ones, but the bow would be turned around and behind the avvie's neck.

551. More baby blue items like the color of the Shepherdess hat color or the ice shoulderplates color.

552. More classic Halloween costumes.
Mummy Halloween set (to match the first Halloween event here)
Zombie set (Zombies are really big right now, so pretty please? With stitched lips.)
Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein set (with two different styles of hair both genders can equip.)
Spirit/ghost (with slightly transparent avatar bodies --it would be so incredibly awesome!)

553. Black Cat MT set.

554. Halloween Sensus, Yukatas, and Uchiwas.
Sensus, Yukatas, and Uchiwas with a single color base (red, black, midnight blue, yellow, green, orange, white, ect.) with bats or cresent moons on them.

555. Fruit Hat. A straw hat in which you carry fruit it! Grapes, pears, apples, peaches, oranges, grapfruits, plums, tomatoes, dragonfruit....ect.

556. A pet wolf. It can come in brown, black, and white, or speckled

557. The Gothic Marionette Set!
It can include Pale skin, with stitching around the neck, hands, and down the abdomin (as if a doll stiched together); button eyes; a mouth stiched shut; gloves with strings coming out of them and raising towards the ceiling, as if controlled by a puppeteer, a gothic dress, and gothic makeup.

558. "Space" backgrounds. [x] [x]

559. More slitted eyes like in the amphisbaena set.

560. Butterfly themed set [x]

561. Mustaches and/or beards

562. Monocles
arm ties
More vests.
Steampunky stuff

563. Lots of vests. Some with adornments and metal gear.

564. More lips [x]

565. More wrist accessories + more color like midnight, claret...etc
waist accessories or belt, like: [x]
566. Gold/yellow background borders, more really white hairstyle...

567. Series of that Luna style hair in different colors with little items in it
Color ideas:
Darker Red hair with hearts- for Valentines
White with snowflakes -for Christmas,
Brown with leaves/bird nest and bird-for fall/Thanksgiving.
Pink with eggs/bunnies - for Easter
Lt. Blue with Flowers - For spring
Purple with candy- For Halloween
568. "Midnight black" color. Black with blue.

569. Skin colors like light violet or lilac... Slightly brighter than angel skin, dark blue/violet/gray

570. Plain white skin and elf/yoda ears to match.

571. Fishnet Items. Shirts and ArmWarmers in different colours.

572. More cockatoo color items

573. Pregnant belly top. Like a pastel blue or pink top with a belly.
Also, for all the moms, a baby in a carrier that is strapped onto the mothers front

574. Dotted eyemarks that Lord Wuffel has, or maybe eyes like him.

575. Turtlenecks like [x]

576. Hairstyle like Darkness Knuffel Generation 6

577. Femenine werewolf hair [x]

578. Reusable contact to change the color of only one of the eyes or a color scheme in Rikashitsu with one eye blue, maybe, and the other green.
(Heterochromia [x])

579. Secondary colors on the items were used as primary colors instead --maybe have the colors switched around.

580. Traditional Chinese clothing

581. Elven and yoda ears in werewolf, zombie, doughnight skin color

582. transparent fairy wings or butterfly wings.

583. Dragon items

584. Arm tattoos*
[x] [x]

585. Dragon themed tops, such as traditional Chinese dresses with Dragon designs on them, should be offered.
Top: [x]
Gown: [x]
Geisha dress: [x]
Military style gown: [x] [x]

586. A sensu and uchiwa with a dragon design should aslo be offered.
[x] [x]

587. Corsets
Open-Front Corset: [x]
Gothic Toggle-Front Corset: [x]
Studden Leather Corset: [x]
False-front lace-up Corset: [x]
Leather-bound lace-up Corset: [x]
588. New tops available in New Black color.

589. New Long, Straight Hair
Bangs in face: [x]
Bangs Swept to the Side: [x]
Short Bangs: [x]

590. Wider variety of party hats
Party hats for each of the element types
Water party hat, to have the circles/swirls

591. More items in the Angel/Baby Blue colors maybe another monthly set or an Angel Set Part II.
With a different style top, cape and a neat hat necklace, armwarmers, wristlet, angel tattoo, angel border

592. Mechanical arms, maybe? :3 Think automail from FMA.

593. How about a tear drop for our eyes and/or eyes designed to be crying?

594. [Wandering Demon Set]

595. I have a request, I do not think we have enough hats in the shops. I know we have some that just came out in the Lunatic Fringe update, but I was hoping we would have hats that cover more of our head, such as the Empress, Puppet Strings and Tiger hats. A selection of all types of hats! For male and female avatars!

596. Perhaps beanies, berets, derby hats, cloche hats, caps (newsboy/old man caps!), trapper and bomber hats, army hats, bucket hats, bowlers, and fedoras. Those are just some ideas that I was thinking of.

597. One other request would be that of a vintage hair fascinator with the lace over your avatar's face. [ x ]

598. Wearable/holdable quest material items. [ x ]

599. I would love to see freckles (especially white ones for my dark elf avatar) or spotted skin, like a leopard or jaguar.

600. Oh! And gills / more fins for merpeople.

601. gold and silver hoop earrings (perhaps of different sizes?)

602. Cooking/food items? Like a whisk (maybe with some icing dripping from it) or long wooden spoons, a pan? What about a tray of something (perhaps it could overlap the fingers of the hand so it looks like the tray is being held up) like cookies/pastries.
603. New colours for old hairstyles.

604. Bottles (whisky, vodka, wine, beer, coca cola, fanta, etc)

605. Cross jewels (earrings, braclet, necklace, brooch, ring, hairclip and collar).
606. Heterochromia [One eye one colour, the other eye another colour].

607. Single wing (angel, demon, phonix, mecha and bones).

608. Officer uniform, air force uniform, navy soldier uniform and gangster outfit [ x ] Striped vest with hat can be in white, blue and red too (+ cigar) with gun, machine gun and rifle.

609. Full necromancer set.

610. Animals for background. Dragon: [ x ] (can be black, brown, white, blue, green or/and red) and flying horse mixed zombie-mecha (option 1, option 2).

611. Environmental effects for the foreground, like falling snow, raindrops, lightning, falling leaves, fog or other things that might be in the air around you, like lightning bugs or butterflies, or magic effects, etc

612. I would really like to see more Halo's.
Since there's only two.

Maybe an Angel one and Demon one to go with the MT sets
we already have?
Also, maybe some plain, designless Halo's that come in the normal Shop colours
so they match everything. [ x ]

613. Also, maybe some Wings that Levitate?
Or wings that are attached to Armlets, on the upper-arm? O8
In either Angel / Demon Form, or plan coloured ones.

614. I know someone wrote more skin colors (like dark brown) for us to use. But I'd like to be a bit more specific and request much darker skins. I think they would look awesome with the bright colored tattoos... The skin color I would prefer has a bluish tinge to it (image taken from a dollmaker site): Super Dark Blue
Or even a coal black would be nice. Really any color near the black spectrum ^^'

615. A background that looks like the inside of a ballroom

616. I think that Kirin could be an interesting pet item, too. It could be similar to the pet pegasus in shape.

617. Fairy Items.
But in the form of Sets? Or TT items or something. Maybe like . . .
A background to go with each Fairy? Or a set of eyes or some kind of Earrings
or jewelry that you don't get from the randomly found Fairies. :U

618. Spa day stuff :)
Cucumber slices to go over the eyes, a towel that wraps around their head, a facial treatment (mud, or green creme, etc), a plain white towel to wear that would wrap around the whole torso on girls but would be only around the waist on guys.

619. Swan lake stuff. A white swan/ black swan ensemble for the girls, a swan prince outfit for the guys.

620. I'd love some items for on your belly.
Like belly tats or piercings.

621. I would like earring loops. Big and small.

622. Carnival background with a ferris wheel in the back and maybe some stray balloons floating into the sky
Matsuri background with stands and such?
Background in front of or beside a river.
Background with little sushi or mochi floating around.
More flower borders.

623. Part 2 of the Wonderland set.

624. Large mouse ears, folded ones, or one with a curved hole in one of them or the fluffy chow chow dog ones.

625. Masquerade Set

626. Moth Antenna and a fuzzy moth top/body, or a fuzzy moth collar that goes around the neck sort of like a cowl, maybe even extend it out to being a cropped shirt or perhaps maybe even a long sleeved jacket that cropped as well.

maybe it comes in the colors: Burgundy, Midnight Blue, Brown, White, Black, and Midnight Purple.

627. wooded area + shrine background that was similar to the withered tree and pine tree where it changes colors with all scenery.
[x] And since Aki hates that picture, you could call it the Fukyu Masami Shrine :D
I'd also like a kitsune similar to the sand castle that goes in the background: [x]

628. Muscular skin, for a warrior. Still in the same avatar body shape but with abdominal muscles and sinewy definition in the arms and chest. Something that would make him look like a strong protector, and in a variety of colors, maybe as part of a Rikashitsu shop update.

629. Rasta style items in general or dreads hair. [reference1]
[reference2] [reference3]

630. More Headphones

631. i have one suggestion that i think would be cool & (probably) relatively easy to implement, and that is to change the arm bandages accessory to a layer where they can worn over the long gloves & armwarmers rather than *instead* of them. there would be so many awesome combinations possible!

632. I think it would be cool if we could have samurai hats : LINK
and archery arm guard like this: LINK
Maybe something to go as a "lens" over your avatar (or just a background), possibly an old photograph effect like this:LINK
some more explanatory of what I mean are here: Tutorial 1 | Tutorial 2
and finally, an Archer's outfit/ robin hood inspired?:LINK

633. i would love to see opera binoculars
like these: http://www.binoculars.cc/opera_glasses_iolanta.htm
http://www.buyers-guide-to-binoculars.c ... lasses.jpg

smallish like the steampunk glasses though, perched on the end of the nose & held by the stem in the visible hand.

i think that it would look really cool with some of the Victorian set, the steampunk set, and the Majolica wigs.

634. A mini Grog pet.

635. Bubble theme for items

636. How about a Disco set, with a mirrored ball background and a fun
butterfly collar shirt for guys and maybe long straight hair with flowers for girls with a peasant top and fun peace necklace and other fun accessories for that time?

Maybe a fro hairstyle, as well.

637. Sheer blouses for undershirts to layer under the JSKs in Lunatic Fringe @[email protected]

http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn57 ... am/067.jpg
Maybe more braided hairstyles, like the ones in the 2,3 row, first column.

http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn57 ... spired.png
And heres something I drew "orz (The base is upset over being a brolita 8B)
The sheer blouse is in there

Multicoloured streak wigs - in that ones theres, pink, purple blue.
Hair deco - like those bows, halfback pearls etc in his hair 8B (inspired by decoden and miniature sweets sculpting)

638. Alice styled aprons

639. Ohh and how about sailor items - with the nautical stripes and achor prints and all @[email protected]

640. Hand mirror. a wineglass, an old fashioned perfume atomizer, a comb or hairbrush, a fairy wand, peacock feather, a cupcake or other food, a candle in a candle holder, a book, a crystal ball, a single flower that matches the Marguerites background in purikura. Witch's broom.

641. 1920s flapper/gangster, gypsy fortune teller, 1960's psychedelia (paisley & go-go dancers?)
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642. I kind of want something that looks like this. A couple's outfit, so to speak.

Girl Boy

643. More matching ears for skins

644. Hedgehog pet. Eel item more specifically either a spotted, snowflake, or moray eel that would perhaps wrap around the arm. Frogs and corgis. Big fluffy white dog standing by avatar.

645. I'd love goggles that rest on your head. Like...Steampunk goggles or something? Hang on, I'll find pictures.


...But on top of your head. xD

But maybe a little more...goggle-y? Not as tall and more rounded on the top, I guess.

...Yeah. That's about it. xD
Sorry if this has been mentioned before.

646. Milk mustache and/or chocolate around your mouth with a chocolate bar in your hand

645. Musical instruments.

646. Lip-stick kiss mark on your cheek. Angry eyebrows.

647. Background with porcelain dolls sitting behind the avatars

648. Ponytails and pigtails as accessories

649. NPC clothes


651. Vampire Knight (knockoff) cosplay items

652. Ear cuffs.
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 Post subject: Re: Avatar Item Suggestions and Requests
Post Posted: Jul 19th, '08, 05:11    

Years of membershipYears of membershipYears of membershipYears of membershipYears of membershipYears of membershipYears of membershipYears of membershipYears of membershipYears of membershipYears of membershipYears of membership
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Mikael Hart Wrote:

Alright, I already had a suggestion in mind when I created this thread, so I'll go ahead and be the first to post. XD The anime outfit I would most like to see available here would be something akin to those awesome-tastic Akatsuki robes. The Akatsuki robes are (as most of you know) are from the anime series, Naruto. The villains who wear these robes also like to paint their nails (for some odd reason. XD; Evil fashion statement?), but that doesn't matter since we can't see our avatar's fingertips anyways.

I'm sure that Firn can come up with something to replace the cloud patterns and give it an original twist. Hearts? Rainbows? Stars? I would love you forever, Firn, if you replaced those cloud patterns with something like the Lucky Charms marshmallows. Hearts, stars, and horseshoes; clovers, and balloons! (Oookay, now I'm just being silly. But seriously? I'd love it! Aaaand I'd better get to bed. XD; )

I have a few..

-Different colored eyes
-More skin colors
-Staff, wand, and sword, armor
-Dot Hack Cosplay stuff.. x___X
-Star Ocean: Till the End of Time cosplay stuff

[More to be added? ^^;]
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 Post subject: Re: Avatar Item Suggestions and Requests
Post Posted: Jul 19th, '08, 09:37    

Mikael Hart
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I'm sure skin color will be added...hm... I forgot what the shop name will be for that, but I recall Firn mentioning it. Some...experiment lab thing. XD;

Anything specific for the Dot Hack and Star Ocean stuff? Firn probably won't do every outfit possibility from every fandom, but if there's something that a character has/wore that you think is really cool, do share. Ah, but remember, whatever Firn makes won't look quite the same as the original.
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 Post subject: Re: Avatar Item Suggestions and Requests
Post Posted: Jul 19th, '08, 10:05    

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Yes, different skin colors, along with other eyes, ears, wings, tails, etc will be available in the Gen Lab, which has no name yet. :qsl:
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 Post subject: Re: Avatar Item Suggestions and Requests
Post Posted: Jul 19th, '08, 10:15    

Mikael Hart
Hmm. We could always hold a name suggestion thread. That's what my brother's teacher did in fifth grade when they got hamsters; she put out a box, and kids everywhere just toss names in. They decided on Mac and Tosh for the hamsters. Pretty clever, eh?
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 Post subject: Re: Avatar Item Suggestions and Requests
Post Posted: Jul 19th, '08, 10:36    

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... those are such cute Hamster names ... :qwhee: ...

... Lucky Charms is my fave cereal ... num nums ... I would eat the robe if that ever came out ...

... I would suggest cute little hoodies that resembled pokeish features on the hoods ... like the ones gaia made for easter or like the bear or monkey jammies on gaia that have hoodies ... I think Jigglypuff and Vulpix are adorable, and little Pika-look-alike would be cute too ... don't know if I'm explaining myself correctly, but I do hope so ...

... anyways, regular hoodies would also be great ...

... hint = I like hoodies!!! ... :qsmr: ...
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 Post subject: Re: Avatar Item Suggestions and Requests
Post Posted: Jul 19th, '08, 10:47    

Mikael Hart
Pikachu hoodies would be cute. Haha, anything but the mudkips, though.
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 Post subject: Re: Avatar Item Suggestions and Requests
Post Posted: Jul 19th, '08, 11:02    

... why not the Mudkips, they're cute too ... ok, well maybe having a huge blue thing sticking up from your head isn't so smexey ... :qlol: ...
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 Post subject: Re: Avatar Item Suggestions and Requests
Post Posted: Jul 19th, '08, 11:18    

Mikael Hart
It's that internet meme that went on with it --turned me off mudkips forever (not that I was ever on...uh, nevermind. v__v; )

I could go for the eevee (and evolutions) ears and tails, though. So many different styles. X3
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