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 Post subject: Wild Knuffel Info & Discussion
Posted: Mar 5th, '12, 00:58    


Joined: Apr 13th, '10, 08:45
Posts: 1689
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[ Wild Knuffel Info & Discussion ]

Hi and welcome! This thread is focused on all things concerning wild knuffel. Whether you wish to talk about ideas for knuffel or get advice or opinions about your creations, we hope you find this thread useful.

We also want to help people decide which of the wild knuffel they may wish to adopt by documenting the stages of knuffel as they evolve. In some instances knuffel designers have allowed all stages to be shown, so you will find many listed with five complete forms.

The new Wild Knuffel guide can be found by CLICKING HERE. If you're seeking old guide, it can be found by clicking here.

If you have reached a new stage that isn't listed or have seen another user who has, please post it here.

ATTN: Artists! Our aim is to document all wild knuffel and that includes all of their stages. If you don't mind showing all stages for your knuffel, please post them in this thread. Links only, please. Also, if you could please help us out by putting all five stages together like this, it would be much appreciated!


Thread Rules [Read them please]
Basic Wild Knuffel Info
Making Your Own Knuffel
EXP Needed to Level
Wild Knuffel Creators [List of threads of people who have created wild knuffel]
Art Tutorials and Resources
Useful Links

Original thread creator & owner: TimTam
Thread is maintained and updated by: amalath

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 Post subject: Re: Wild Knuffel Info & Discussion
Posted: Mar 5th, '12, 01:02    


Joined: Apr 13th, '10, 08:45
Posts: 1689
Hugs: 52879
[ Some Simple Rules ]

• The most important one would be to keep in mind that not all creators of wild knuffel wish for their stages to be spoiled. So if the artist them self hasn't posted the stages anywhere public (their art gallery, DeviantArt page, etc), then please don't spoil any knuffel unless it's an evolution of either a knuffel that you own or have seen from another user.

• This thread is specifically for spoilers, so please don't just come in here to post for others to go to your thread for things. That defeats the purpose of this thread! Help us out. It's far easier for us to update the guide when we can get all spoilers in here and not have to go looking in individual threads!

• Also, please do not post reminders about your knuffel expiring in this thread. It's been happening more frequently lately, but that's not what this thread is for. Please respect this request and use your individual threads for this. Thank you.

• If you have seen spoilers posted somewhere that haven't been added to the guide, please post a link to them so they can be added. If you're posting a new stage that's been achieved, please just post the normal sized knuffel badge by opening the knuffel's page and getting the code.

• A little bit of chatting is fine, but please keep it relevant to this thread. Any talk about ideas for wild knuffel, technique and tips is all welcome.

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 Post subject: Re: Wild Knuffel Info & Discussion
Posted: Mar 5th, '12, 01:05    


Joined: Apr 13th, '10, 08:45
Posts: 1689
Hugs: 52879
[ Basic Wild Knuffel Info ]

• Each wild knuffel is available for 30 days
• Artist is able to reactivate the knuffel to make it available again after it expires
• All knuffel are released with a limit of 100
• Initial cost per knuffel is 2500fp and rises or lowers depending on popularity
• At server midnight the price per knuffel decreases somewhat
• Knuffel creators get 50% of the fee per adoption
• Wild knuffel do not belong to any element and lastly
• Wild knuffel cannot dig

If you decide you no longer want a certain knuffel, open that knuffel's page and click on the X, top right of the knuffel to have it removed from your collection. Unlike regular knuffel, you do not get any food back when releasing wild knuffel nor do they become available for anyone else. When you delete one, they're gone forever!

[ Wild Knuffel Items ]

Instead of food, wild knuffel now grant you items you can wear on your avatar. These items are only given on every tenth level:

Level 10 • Level 20 • Level 30 and so on...

The items are given at random upon reaching a tenth level. When you click your knuffel to level up, you will get a popup like this showing you the item you received.

You don't need to own a particular knuffel to get their items so no need to worry if you missed any. :) Wild knuffel items also do not expire so even when new ones are released, the old ones will still be available.

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 Post subject: Re: Wild Knuffel Info & Discussion
Posted: Mar 5th, '12, 01:06    


Joined: Apr 13th, '10, 08:45
Posts: 1689
Hugs: 52879
[ Making Your Own Knuffel ]

[ Standard Knuffel Bases ]

If you'd like your knuffel to look like regular knuffel, feel free to use the bases below kindly provided by Firn. Click on the base you'd like to use to get the original transparent image.

Image Image

[ Bases Provided By Others ]

[Standard] [Large Size][Standard] [Large Size]
Provided by Vindrae. Thank you!

[ Important Rules ]

• Your wild knuffel must be your original work. You may not submit a knuffel created by someone else, even if the idea is yours. Only the creator of the knuffel may submit it to the site.
• You may not use any copyrighted characters or designs. No movie, game, anime, or manga characters, etc. This also includes your wild knuffel's clothing.
• Your knuffel must have 5 separate stages
• Images must be pngs and must have a transparent background
• Each image has to be exactly 300 x 377 pixels in size.
• Max filesize per image is 200KB
• No using the same design more than once. Even if you have made slight changes, you still may not submit the same design. This only applies to approved knuffel. Of course if your knuffel design is rejected, you're free to change some things and resubmit.
• Glows around Knuffel are not allowed. While they have been previously, they are no longer permitted and will result in your knuffel being rejected.
• This also applies to any kind of floor, background, furniture, walls, landscapes, shadows, etc.

[ Helpful Hints ]

• If your knuffel was drawn on a background, please be sure to cut the background out as cleanly as possible. Ensure no remains of the background is visible and be wary of stray pixels.
• Your knuffel must have a gradual evolution between stages. Essentially your knuffel has to slowly turn into something! Adding a few accessories is not acceptable and will likely result in your knuffel being rejected.
• Knuffel must be coloured and filled, no simple pencil sketches, etc.
• Your knuffel does not have to be humanoid. Anything goes, provided you follow the rules.

For in-depth reasons why knuffel can be rejected and how you can avoid it in the first place, please read the following thread: Why was my wild knuffel rejected?

[ Submitting your knuffel ]

To submit your knuffel, click here

Your knuffel will have to be approved and you will get a PM either informing of approval or rejection. If you do get a rejection notice, by all means ask for opinions in this thread. Many people here are always willing to help others. :)

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 Post subject: Re: Wild Knuffel Info & Discussion
Posted: Mar 5th, '12, 01:08    


Joined: Apr 13th, '10, 08:45
Posts: 1689
Hugs: 52879
[ EXP Needed to Level Up ]

Level 2 - 6------------------------Level 35 - 2427--------------------Level 68 - 9226
Level 3 - 15-----------------------Level 36 - 2569--------------------Level 69 - 9501
Level 4 - 28-----------------------Level 37 - 2715--------------------Level 70 - 9779
Level 5 - 45-----------------------Level 38 - 2864--------------------Level 71 - 10061
Level 6 - 66-----------------------Level 39 - 3018--------------------Level 72 - 10348
Level 7 - 91-----------------------Level 40 - 3176--------------------Level 73 - 10638
Level 8 - 121----------------------Level 41 - 3338--------------------Level 74 - 10933
Level 9 - 154----------------------Level 42 - 3504--------------------Level 75 - 11231
Level 10 - 191--------------------Level 43 - 3673--------------------Level 76 - 11534
Level 11 - 232--------------------Level 44 - 3847--------------------Level 77 - 11840
Level 12 - 277--------------------Level 45 - 4025--------------------Level 78 - 12151
Level 13 - 327--------------------Level 46 - 4207--------------------Level 79 - 12465
Level 14 - 380--------------------Level 47 - 4393--------------------Level 80 - 12784
Level 15 - 437--------------------Level 48 - 4583--------------------Level 81 - 13107
Level 16 - 499--------------------Level 49 - 4777--------------------Level 82 - 13433
Level 17 - 564--------------------Level 50 - 4975--------------------Level 83 - 13764
Level 18 - 633--------------------Level 51 - 5177--------------------Level 84 - 14099
Level 19 - 707--------------------Level 52 - 5383--------------------Level 85 - 14437
Level 20 - 784--------------------Level 53 - 5593--------------------Level 86 - 14780
Level 21 - 865--------------------Level 54 - 5807--------------------Level 87 - 15127
Level 22 - 951--------------------Level 55 - 6025--------------------Level 88 - 15477
Level 23 - 1040-------------------Level 56 - 6247--------------------Level 89 - 15832
Level 24 - 1134-------------------Level 57 - 6473--------------------Level 90 - 16191
Level 25 - 1231-------------------Level 58 - 6704--------------------Level 91 - 16554
Level 26 - 1333-------------------Level 59 - 6938--------------------Level 92 - 16921
Level 27 - 1438-------------------Level 60 - 7176--------------------Level 93 - 17291
Level 28 - 1548-------------------Level 61 - 7418--------------------Level 94 - 17666
Level 29 - 1661-------------------Level 62 - 7664--------------------Level 95 - 18045
Level 30 - 1779-------------------Level 63 - 7915--------------------Level 96 - 18428
Level 31 - 1901-------------------Level 64 - 8169--------------------Level 97 - 18815
Level 32 - 2026-------------------Level 65 - 8427--------------------Level 98 - 19206
Level 33 - 2156-------------------Level 66 - 8690--------------------Level 99 - 19601
Level 34 - 2290-------------------Level 67 - 8956--------------------Level 100 - 20000

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 Post subject: Re: Simple Wild Knuffel Guide [Don't Post Please]
Posted: Mar 5th, '12, 01:10    


Joined: Sep 6th, '11, 23:58
Posts: 3104
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[ Wild Knuffel Creators ]

Full wild knuffel list and known stages can be found in THIS THREAD.

Akumu's wild knuffel thread

AlkseeyaKC's wild knuffel thread

Amakai's wild knuffel thread

AnnaBanana's wild knuffel thread

Anored's wild knuffel thread

Autumn's wild knuffel thread

BlackRubie's wild knuffel thread

Bononn's wild knuffel thread

BornFromMyth's wild knuffel thread

Catarina's wild knuffel thread

CrazyMae's wild knuffel thread

Cerecalin's wild knuffel thread

Chich's wild knuffel thread

cyan's wild knuffel thread

dancrgurl's wild knuffel thread

Death Messenger's wild knuffel thread

Darktrickster's wild knuffel thread

DDchan's wild knuffel thread

DoodleNaut's wild knuffel thread

Eddy's wild knuffel thread

eldrei's wild knuffel thread

Europa's wild knuffel thread

Eva's wild knuffel thread

evekiddo's wild knuffel thread

Eylis's wild knuffel thread

Fae's wild knuffel thread

Fiammetta's wild knuffel thread

Flash's wild knuffel thread

GreenPinguin's wild knuffel thread

Gwendlyne's wild knuffel thread

Hanabi's wild knuffel thread

jacobgrey's wild knuffel thread

JamBerry IceCream's wild knuffel thread

Jiuly_TheBlackCat's wild knuffel thread

kairii1989's wild knuffel thread

KeyamiLove's wild knuffel thread

kityu's wild knuffel thread

Kyunicorn's wild knuffel thread

Lachla's wild knuffel thread

Lady Midnight's wild knuffel thread

LeannaAnne's wild knuffel thread

LilChaosKitten's wild knuffel thread

Lozzie's wild knuffel thread

Luluannabell's wild knuffel thread

M o i's wild knuffel thread

M-chan's wild knuffel thread

Merrymaking's wild knuffel thread

Meta's wild knuffel thread

Mirror Pumpkin's wild knuffel thread

MizuAril-REV's wild knuffel thread

Natsuyuki's wild knuffel thread

nectaroustheine's wild knuffel thread

Nefarious Rainbows's wild knuffel thread

Nihal's wild knuffel thread

Ninja Ai's wild knuffel thread

pame_gros's wild knuffel thread

Plushie Heartless's wild knuffel thread

princeofrose's wild knuffel thread

Raine Seryn's wild knuffel thread

Reverrii's wild knuffel thread

Rikuchan's wild knuffel thread

rosedragonfire's wild knuffel thread

Sellesion's wild knuffel thread

Silverbleed's wild knuffel thread

Sin's wild knuffel thread

Sinatae's wild knuffel thread

Tiamatsan's wild knuffel thread

Totenveloren1's wild knuffel thread

Veene's wild knuffel thread

vfee's wild knuffel thread

Vindrae's wild knuffel thread

WildRose's wild knuffel thread

Wiltherel's wild knuffel thread

Xaevan's wild knuffel thread

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 Post subject: Re: Simple Wild Knuffel Guide [Don't Post Please]
Posted: Mar 5th, '12, 01:11    


Joined: Sep 6th, '11, 23:58
Posts: 3104
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[ Art tutorials and resources ]

Here is the list of tutorials you might find useful when creating your own knuffel.
Feel free to suggest tutorials, we will gladly list them here.

Tip: for some DeviantArt tutorials you need to hit download button on the right to view them.

Knuffel creating tutorials and resources:

qt stripes's making your own wild knuffel tutorial

AlkseeyaKC's making your own wild knuffel tutorial

Vindrae's custom wild knuffel bases

JamBerry IceCream's custom wild knuffel bases


General art tutorials:

Crysa's drawing clothes and folds tutorial part I

Crysa's tutorial part II

purplekecleon's tutorial about colors

Crysa's anime faces tutorial

Moyogi's simple hair tutorial

red-priest-usada's hair drawing tips

Crysa's drawing anime hair bangs tutorial

ProdigyBombay's pixel character tutorial

Crysa's angel wings tutorial

Telophase's basic guide to light/shadow on faces


cherubchan's chibi drawing tutorial

xephia's small chibi tutorial

MoonlitTiger's chibi tutorial


Rueme's Sai tutorial part 1

Rueme's Sai tutorial part 2

akarashii's Sai basics tutorial

krokus00's Sai tutorial

Raine Seryn's eye coloring tutorial


Pheona's Gimp lineart tutorial

pralinkova-princezna's creating picture in Gimp tutorial

rayquo's Gimp coloring tutorial

sasukechan111's Gimp coloring tutorial

tgfcoder's Gimp lineart tutorial

tgfcoder's Gimp coloring tutorial part I

tgfcoder's tutorial part II


lumi-mae's photoshop coloring tutorial

auroaronkitten's photoshop coloring tutorial


pixlr - free drawing and image editing browser program

Need inspiration for colors, patterns, shapes? Visit this awesome place!

Color Scheme Designer

Color palette generator

aishaxnekox's 32 hair styles designs

destinyblue's different anime eyes

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 Post subject: Re: Simple Wild Knuffel Guide [Don't Post Please]
Posted: Mar 5th, '12, 01:13    


Joined: Sep 6th, '11, 23:58
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 Post subject: Re: Simple Wild Knuffel Guide [Don't Post Please]
Posted: Mar 5th, '12, 01:14    


Joined: Sep 6th, '11, 23:58
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 Post subject: Re: Simple Wild Knuffel Guide [Don't Post Please]
Posted: Mar 5th, '12, 01:15    


Joined: Sep 6th, '11, 23:58
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