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 Post subject: Bound by the Red String (1x1)
Post Posted: Oct 30th, '19, 23:07    

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Spoiler: Angel
Angel Hitake is the princess of a fallen kingdom where dragons resided. Hundreds of dragons lived there before the first war between a dark force and the dragon riders. Her father, the king, was lost in the war and a man named Innes came in and poisoned her radiant mother and leaving her with little time left. Angel was tainted as well as a child with a darker side- "Shikki" she called herself. Two hearts connected within one body. In order to protect her only daughter, the queen sealed the dark being and her magic.

Years later, the darkness returned and threatened to destroy what was left of her world, her kingdom. Her mother pleaded with Terra, her eldest and only son to protect his sister no matter what happened to her. So, he took his younger sister and fled the castle grounds. In hiss attempt to flee, his life was supposedly lost and Angel found herself fleeing alone. Or so she thought.


Spoiler: Amrynn
Amrynn Von Helsing is a young woman who grew up in the royal court of a fallen kingdom. Her mother had served the queen, her grandmother had served the queen before her, and so on and so on. Amrynn was to serve the young princess Angel. But instead of just serving her, the two had become close friends growing up. She also grew a crush on Terra, the handsome prince and Angel's brother. but only Angel knows her feelings. She longed to have a dragon of her own, but as she was not of royal blood, knew it wouldn't be allowed. So she was content with seeing the dragons whenever she could.

When the darkness returned to destroy the kingdom, she was with Angel when Terra told them it was time to leave. They had fled together from the kingdom, but as they fled, Terra disappeared, leaving Amrynn heartbroken and trying to be brave for Angel.

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 Post subject: Re: Bound by the Red String (1x1)
Post Posted: Oct 30th, '19, 23:18    

Moved from Voltra.us

In the last few posts;

Sora's blissful expression softened as she spoke and he also glanced out across the ocean. "No way.. I don't know what I'd do if that ever happened to my world.." He spoke, looking back at her and smiling once more. "We'll definitely get you and Angel back home, and then maybe we could do something to help you get your kingdom back." He said almost as if promising to do so. If he could do anything to help, then he would.

Eventually the boat came on to the shore of the beach and Sora set the row down before hopping out and pushing the boat up onto the beach. He then held a hand out to Amrynn to help her out of the boat. "Riku and Angel should be right behind us."


The ride was much quieter for Riku and Angel since they didn't do much talking. Soon, their boat came across the shore and Riku got out to push it up onto the beach like Sora had done previously. Angel got out of the boat by herself and the two of them joined Sora and Amrynn. "See? That wasn't so bad." Riku said with a chuckle and Angel flushed some.He


Amrynn nodded and got out of the boat carefully, standing on the beach waiting for the other two,"I hope we can do something somehow... whenever we get back." She said. Once the other two joined them she smiled, waiting to know where they would go from here.


Sora smiled and nodded, glancing at his friend when they pulled up onto the shore. "We should take them to the mayor's house, he'll know what to do." Riku folded his arms loosely, causing Sora to frown. "Well, at least they'll have a place to sleep." He said with a pout.

Angel walked over to Amrynn and gently held her hand as the boys had their little moment. Sora gestured to the girls to follow them, then began to walk down the beach which led to a path and a sidewalk. Riku waited for the girls before following Sora, and Angel gave Amrynn's hand a tug as she followed Sora.


Amrynn followed Angel and Sora quietly, her mind lost in a sea of thoughts. Could they ever get home? Could they ever save their kingdom from the darkness? She wasn't so sure. She was simply an elf and even with what little magic she could do, she didn't really think it would make much of a difference. She was thankful to at least be with Angel and their new friends.



Angel walked in silence, trying to remember what exactly happened before she woke up on the beach.

Soon, the boys came to a large house and Sora glanced at the girls. "We're here." Riku knocked on the door loud enough for whoever was inside to hear them. "Don't worry okay? The mayor will take care of you, and tomorrow we can all meet up again." Sora promised.

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