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Life with a demon (Chrizine and Angel-WolfBunny)
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Author:  Angel-WolfBunny [ Oct 15th, '17, 23:33 ]
Post subject:  Life with a demon (Chrizine and Angel-WolfBunny)

Name: Avnas 'Amy' Sullivan
Age: 24
Appearance: Amy is a tall woman with beautiful chocolate brown eyes and raven black hair that reaches her shoulders in soft waves. Her well-tanned skin and athletic build are often hidden under an oversized red hoodie. She wears dark jeans and red tennis shoes that fit with her shirt. When she walks she looks like she owns the world and when she smiles person can see that her canine teeth are just a bit too long, just a bit too sharp. Sometimes she can give off more than human feel that makes anyone looking at her feel like they aren't supposed to see her.

Author:  Chrizine [ Oct 16th, '17, 11:17 ]
Post subject:  Re: Life with a demon (Chrizine and Angel-WolfBunny)

Name: Cecily Ruxton
Age: 18
Appearance: [LINK] (picture made using this dressup site)
Cecily has chin-length hair in a dark brown colour and light blue-grey eyes. She is not particularly tall, but not tiny either. She is slim but not muscular and likes to dress in soft, loose tunics combined with short skirts or pants and tights.

Author:  Angel-WolfBunny [ Oct 23rd, '17, 22:08 ]
Post subject:  Re: Life with a demon (Chrizine and Angel-WolfBunny)

Amy was lying on the couch in a living room of her apartment. The one that she was now sharing with girl younger than herself. It was a nice little apartment with just enough room for two people. With vanilla colored walls, dim gray furniture, and plum details room looked like something that would be found in Interior Design books. At least it would look so if there wasn't some mud on the floor, or dust on top shelves that hold way too many cups that will never be used, or even completely randomly placed cat figures.

As Amy moved to sit up, she thought about making breakfast. It was 5 AM and she didn't eat, or sleep for that matter, the whole night. She worked this night at Hell. She didn't enjoy working in Hell but even a club like that is better than actual Hell. It was hard work for her but at least she got money to keep this apartment. Her job as a waitress wasn't really something that she was proud of but it was better than something that other women her age had to do in that bar just to get some money.

Amy walked up to fridge in the kitchen thinking about making herself some fried eggs. While looking in the fridge she realized that she could make some eggs for her new roommate too. She didn't really know much about her roommate. After all, they had been living together for only a week or so.

It came as a surprise that Cecily actually decided to be her roommate even after Amy told her she is a demon but Amy was sure that Cecily didn't take her seriously. A sigh could be heard in the small kitchen. Amy really needed to work on telling Cecily that she was an actual demon and not just some crazy girl that thinks she is one.

Author:  Chrizine [ Oct 23rd, '17, 23:58 ]
Post subject:  Re: Life with a demon (Chrizine and Angel-WolfBunny)

When Cecily woke up, she was disoriented for a moment. The light was coming from the wrong direction.
Except it wasn't, of course. She sat up and looked around her room. She hadn't quite gotten used to living somewhere else than her childhood home yet. She had moved in here a week ago, after a long search for a flat or a room and just in time before the semester started.
The room was pretty and comfortable, but still a bit bare, waiting for her to add some more personal touches to it. She had hung one poster of her favourite band, but that was it so far.
The dark furniture was not hers, it had already been in the room.
She wondered if she should get some brightly coloured curtains or something, to add a little life and happiness to the atmosphere. Maybe, but not right now.

Sighing, she stood up and yawned. What time was it anyway? Still pretty early. She had quite a bit of time left before she had to go out for class today.
Wondering if her new roommate was already awake, she put on her bathrobe before heading towards the door.
Her roommate was kind of the catch of this pretty flat. She seemed nice enough, but certainly more than a little eccentric. She had tried to convince Cecily that she was a demon before she took the contract and moved in! Ha, sure thing... Hopefully they'd get along somehow anyway. From the stories she'd heard, fighting with a roommate was not something she wanted to try.

She found Amy in the kitchen. Suppressing another yawn, she forced herself to smile at her roommate despite the early hour. "Good morning, Amy! Have you slept well?"
She headed to the water cooker to make herself her first cup of tea for today. Even though she mostly drank herbal teas, the ritual made her feel more awake, like she had properly started the day and was ready to take on the world.

Author:  Angel-WolfBunny [ Nov 7th, '17, 02:53 ]
Post subject:  Re: Life with a demon (Chrizine and Angel-WolfBunny)

Humming a song to herself Amy was baking eggs when she heard the door of her roommate's room open. She continued humming the song as she added some spices. The smell of eggs was now spreading over the small apartment but she never liked that smell. Her hand went to handle of the window but she remembered that coldish air might bother her human roommate. If she was honest with herself she wouldn't of have remembered if Cecily didn't try to spark conversation.

With a smile, Amy turned around. ''Oh, I didn't sleep! I was at my job, in Hell.'' She said as she moved eggs on two plates. She put plates on the table and turned to take out bread. ''I made eggs for us. I don't know if you like them but..'' She trailed off in middle of the sentence. However, that was not one of those dreamy trailing offs. It was more of a shock. It was because she realized that it will be even harder to convince Cecily that she is a demon now that she made them both a tasty breakfast.

With bread in her hands, she sat down in front of the table. ''How did you sleep?''

Author:  Chrizine [ Nov 7th, '17, 11:55 ]
Post subject:  Re: Life with a demon (Chrizine and Angel-WolfBunny)

The kitchen was smelling deliciously and Cecily took a deep breath. Freshly baked eggs!
Sure, Amy had been in Hell for the night. She suppressed a snicker. Alright, if her roommate wanted to pretend being a demon, she could go ahead. She was offering Cecily some pretty great looking breakfast along with her story, so it seemed only fair to humour her.
"Oh, this smells wonderful! Thank you!"
She finished making her tea and set the cup next to her plate of eggs before taking her seat.
"I slept well, thank you. I'm still a bit confused about where I am when I wake up, but I'll get used to it. I've been sleeping in the same room for most of my life so far, so it's unusual for me to be somewhere else..." She trailed off, feeling that she rambled and her roommate probably wasn't interested in that.
She had decided to humour her, so she went ahead to go with the demon story.
"So, what's your job like, then? How is Hell?"
She carefully suppressed the grin that was trying to spread on her face.

Author:  Angel-WolfBunny [ May 15th, '18, 22:26 ]
Post subject:  Re: Life with a demon (Chrizine and Angel-WolfBunny)

A small smile crept up Amy's face when she heard the compliment form Cecily. She still wasn't sure about whether her roommate will like or not the eggs but at least she knows that they smell good to others.

She put a slice of bread next to Cecily's plate and then her own before seating down to listen to her roommate talk. It seemed like this was a first time they sat down and hanged out. All of the other interactions they had since Cecily moved in were casual hellos exchanged in passing. Thanks to the fact that she never before had a roommate she didn't know if that was normal or not.

She snapped out of her thoughts when Cecily asked her a question. She needed a second to realize what has been asked before answering. ''Hell is...'' she stopped to find the right word ''..fine'' she decided to settle on that even though it wasn't really a word she would use for real Hell but for her job it was an alright match. ''Job is good. It's loud. And a bunch of people come each night but it's not really like I can complain.'' She made sure to emphasize on personal pronoun in the sentence.

She decided to not say more and finally start eating. When she took a bite of her egg with some bread she looked up at her roommate again. ''How are your classes?'' She asked trying to keep the conversation going.

Author:  Chrizine [ May 16th, '18, 20:38 ]
Post subject:  Re: Life with a demon (Chrizine and Angel-WolfBunny)

Starting to eat as Amy was answering her question, Cecily noted that her roommate was very good at making breakfast. She counted herself lucky - she might have a crazy roommate, but the cooking skills and willingness to share her breakfast were definitely a big plus. The eggs tasted just as good as they had smelled.
She was about to voice that when Amy's answer filtered through to her brain that had been fully occupied with enjoying the meal and she almost choked on a piece of egg as she had to laugh. Had this self-proclaimed demon just described hell as "fine"?
When she stopped coughing, she couldn't help but ask further. "Hell is fine? Isn't it supposed to be kind of the opposite of that? You know, eternal damnation, torture, terror, all that stuff?" She paused for a moment, considering. "I mean, that might all be something awesome to demons, but really, fine? That's how you'd describe it? Sounds a bit mundane to me, somehow - you'll have to do better to convince anyone you've actually been to hell."
She decided that she didn't want to push her roommate too much, especially considering that she had been very nice to her in making her breakfast and this was the first time they were really spending time together. So she let go of the topic and answered the question that Amy had posed afterwards, leaving it to her if she wanted to talk of hell further.
"My classes are nice so far. It's very early to tell much, since most of them haven't really covered much material yet, mostly given an overview of what they'll be about, but at least the professors mostly seem good at talking and passionate about their subjects. That will probably help a lot." Well, except for one of them. Professor Trumill had seemed pretty weird actually - he had refused to use a microphone, opting to shout from the top of his lungs for two hours instead and raging about how most of his colleagues were doing really irrelevant or bad research. You couldn't fault him for lack of passion, though. She frowned, remembering that she'd have his class later in the day and wondering what he'd be up to this time.

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