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The 2019 Reading Challenge
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Author:  Akili Li [ Jul 27th, '19, 04:54 ]
Post subject:  Re: The 2019 Reading Challenge

Nice work!

What kind of book are you going to go for next? A complete change of pace, or a similar vein of genre so you can compare and contrast more readily?

Wulfalice, I haven't responded to your wonderfully detailed post because I pretty much don't know what to say.... I don't think I could have finished the book at all, from your description. I hope the next book you grab is better!

Author:  Sanssouci [ Jul 27th, '19, 15:10 ]
Post subject:  Re: The 2019 Reading Challenge

I've been in an old fashioned romance kick for a while, and I'm going to keep it going for at least one more book! I read a Carla Kelly book a few months ago, and I liked it a lot. Then I read another and thought it was pretty good. So now I've just started another. It's off to a kind of iffy start though, so we'll see.

Author:  wulfilalice [ Jul 27th, '19, 18:29 ]
Post subject:  Re: The 2019 Reading Challenge

@julez: I'm going to set up blind voting on sequels in my instagram and see what wins. if it's the second book, I'm going to read it. if not, I'll probably be too busy with another series. in a way it's a shame to drop a series right now because look at my set up:
I made a spreadsheet, linked all the book covers, opened every ebook and checked the number of pages according to my e-reader settings (line 7), then made line 8 reflect my progress on each book in percentage (to easier update goodreads) with S8 showing the percentage read from the total length of the series (S7), then made line 6 fill with red as I update the page count (with total page number in the series as the max exponent). thought it would motivate me not to get distracted by other books. how naive

@Sanssouci: library mayhem :mcargh:
congrats on your new challenge! a pseudo-historical romance I'm currently enjoying is Trials of Artemis by Sue London. I haven't finished yet so it's not really a recommendation, but it's been fun so far. there's less "trial" than I expected, things flow a bit too smoothly for me there, but so far it's been enjoyable. got the book some time ago while BookBub announced it was free, maybe you could too if you got interested.

@Akili Li: oh what book on flower language is that? a 10-year-old me would have been overly excited
I mainly finished it for a single character. he's of the kind that everyone is hating and painting so dark and wicked but who doesn't care what anyone thinks and does the right thing anyway. I just happen to love characters like that, controversial and independent. though, now that I think of it, he was too unrealistic even for me. too awesome, too powerful, too hated for all of that. still, he kept me interested then, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have finished if not for him. there wouldn't even really be any plot if not for him.
everyone who read the book with me liked it. maybe I'm overthinking and presenting it to you in a biased way. I'm always afraid that I'm overthinking

@jacob: do you know what you're reading next?

Author:  Sanssouci [ Jul 27th, '19, 18:40 ]
Post subject:  Re: The 2019 Reading Challenge

I'll check that out!

I just realized that the book that I just started is #1 in a series. But there is a book of short stories by the author, and there is a short story in there that goes before book #1 in the series.... So short story #0 basically. And I can't even look for it because no library website!!

Author:  wulfilalice [ Jul 27th, '19, 18:44 ]
Post subject:  Re: The 2019 Reading Challenge

that's somehow annoying and hilarious at the same time

Author:  jacobgrey [ Jul 28th, '19, 19:02 ]
Post subject:  Re: The 2019 Reading Challenge

@Wulf I think I'm going to go in a totally different direction next. I've been reading a lot of crime, mostly studying to try and improve my own writing, but I need a break. So I'll probably either read the books by a guy who mentored me for a while which are sci-fi young adult; or if I feel like reading more adult stuff, I might try to find a new fantasy series. I haven't read fantasy for a really long time and I feel a craving for it. Something in the vein of Robin Hobb probably - or actual Robin Hobb if any of hers that I haven't read yet are on Kindle Unlimited, but I don't know if that is likely.

Author:  Sanssouci [ Aug 1st, '19, 16:19 ]
Post subject:  Re: The 2019 Reading Challenge

We're now at 3 weeks with no library website! I'm not really getting into The Unlikely Master Genius. Part of it is that it bugs me that I haven't read the short story that comes before it. And part of it is that the writing just seems kind of goofy.

Author:  jacobgrey [ Aug 1st, '19, 16:44 ]
Post subject:  Re: The 2019 Reading Challenge

I finally got through that book and picked up another. On a whim I went for a book by a guy I actually know/knew who was helping me out with some mentorship. I didn't read his stuff before as it's YA fantasty stuff and I was focusing on crime/romance, so this felt like it would be a breath of fresh air. and I guess it was, as I got hooked and already finished it XD

Author:  Sanssouci [ Aug 5th, '19, 15:40 ]
Post subject:  Re: The 2019 Reading Challenge

The library website is finally working again. But it's really slow, and it's not up to date. I'm going to be anxious until the book that I returned 3 weeks ago finally shows up as returned! I'm always so afraid something will get lost, and they'll say I didn't return it!

Author:  jacobgrey [ Aug 5th, '19, 16:44 ]
Post subject:  Re: The 2019 Reading Challenge

I'm reading the second book in that YA series now.
I saw my parents on Saturday and picked up some extra books they didn't want anymore. Two Sharpe novels (my mum got the box set so that left her with extras), and a quiz book from about 20 years ago which I think might be hilarious. Then I also borrowed book 1 in the Rebus series from my dad, because I have #2 and can't read it until I read that one.

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