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Author:  Jolien [ Oct 30th, '18, 20:14 ]
Post subject:  Re: surrogacy

I think it's very brave. Personally I didn't like my pregnancies, I did love the outcome. Seems very hard to only do the tough stuff and then give up the only good that comes from it. But again, some people have an easy going pregnancy.

On the surrogacy topic, I very recently watched Top of the Lake, China Girl. So I don't have a twisted opinion at the moment... :mcheh: Just one tip, don't watch it. :qstr:

On the other hand, if I'd be in a position where I'd have trouble getting babies, I might be very happy with a surrogate, maybe. No idea. Not for me to judge anyway.

Author:  Knowhere [ Nov 4th, '18, 08:17 ]
Post subject:  Re: surrogacy

It's not something I would do, but I love that it's a thing that can be done. There are so many people who want children and can't have them for a variety of reasons, and some people have that "my blood" style attachment and having this as an option and having people willing to share their bodies and lives for them is awesome :)

Author:  Batcheva [ Nov 14th, '18, 02:58 ]
Post subject:  Re: surrogacy

I considered it once upon a time but in end I was never chosen and it's probably for the best. My health has never been the best and I can't see that pregnancy would have helped it in the slightest.

I think it's lovely that you are willing to do that for someone.

Author:  Inspire [ Nov 30th, '18, 11:42 ]
Post subject:  Re: surrogacy

I always approved it as it is a very nice thing to do for someone and I'd imagine it'd make some people VERY happy to know there's people in the world like you who actually cares for their children. I do agree that children should NOT be hit, smacked around, popped, but loved and nutured instead, like it was supposed to be. People with kids should already know they need tons of patience and love, especially if there are several of them. I watch seven children a lot and stay up with a baby all night and all they want for me is to be happy because I treat them right and know what to do. I get constant hugs and I love yous (they're my siblings, lol.) and I'm always giving up food and time for them as I should. I play with them, show them responsibility without beating them, and show them what life should be. I express their personalities and let them know that life is MUCH more than what their parents taught them. They think that life is a joke and everything around their parents. But when I watch them, they're are literal perfect angels full of laughter and hope instead. I'm so glad I raised myself to be better than my parents.

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