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I have items for trade listed now!
Yay, great, makes the thread more interesting! 15%  15%  [ 8 ]
Boooring, I just want pure... 4%  4%  [ 2 ]
Uh, there's something there that tempts me... 11%  11%  [ 6 ]
Bah, you only have uninteresting stuff! (Ask me for sth else!) 6%  6%  [ 3 ]
I'd like something, but I don't have what you look for. (Check my wishlist, there's more!) 7%  7%  [ 4 ]
Idk, gimme :food: 57%  57%  [ 31 ]
Total votes : 54
 Post subject: Re: ♪ [LF][19.07] Old Rite Cloak, Sept. Flower Brooch & more
Post Posted: Jul 19th, '17, 18:56    

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Yeah, I don't see the skin sold a lot either. Generally skins seem to be really difficult to get separately. I once bought the whole Aries set just for the skin because I never found it separate but I found someone willing to sell as a set :D
Congrats on already getting the arms though :)

I never buy multiples of sets, all the items I have up are either items from sets that I bought just because I liked some of the items in the set or something I bought but ended up not using or liking as much as I thought. Which is also why some of them I will only let go for an item that I think I'll like or use a lot more than what I had before, since it will be gone for me and I'm afraid I'll miss it.

From your thread, I'd be interested in the Snow White Garment (and maybe also gloves? not so sure about those. I always stare at them in the market and can never decide if I want them :D), the Starry Night BG and the eyes you already saw on my mule's wishlist.

I'm so bad at judging how much I'll actually use items! I have some that I really love and find so pretty, but seldom ever use and others that I don't feel very strongly about but that end up sneaking into my avis all the time. So yeah, I totally know what you mean, it's sometimes really hard to decide what you want!

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 Post subject: Re: ♪ [LF][19.07] Old Rite Cloak, Sept. Flower Brooch & more
Post Posted: Jul 19th, '17, 19:18    

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i know XD
sometimes its just strange..
some things or colors i loved before i dont use anymore or never really used it because its hard to match with other items/colors i have..
Then i thought "i dont buy this set " or "not in this color" and NOW i regret it since i started loving this color or find use for the items XD
so thats why i try to get each set in every color,at least once,because you /i never know when and if i might use it in the future.
sometimes older items are soo hard to get x_x or its even more than you value it (on the market for example)..

If you want i could hold onto this items for a while,until you decided if you want them or not? This wouldnt be a problem i guess.Even if you need a few weeks. I dont really mind^^
Just let me know.

You could check the DAC and make some random avs with items you have and add those, to see if you might wanna have/can use them or not XD
I do this sometimes ^^ XD

skins are probably hard to get,because we have so less from them..
we really need more skins >_< the aries skin is pretty ,i got it a few months after this set was sold (didnt had any :fc: back then)..everything thats missing from this set for me,would be 1 item i think..But i absolutly wanted the pet,top and skin back then^^'
I always want skins. As for the shiva items i am not a fan of the arms,even though i paid a lot for them X_X i only wanted them for a complete set ^^'

I buy doubles because i think "i can try it against missing items that might come out in the future" or that i missed in the past.
But the forum is kinda dead by now..5 years ago you always found someone to trade,but now its difficult..especially because of the different values >_<
That turns it into a real problem lol

well as for items you have for trade,which i would be interisted in.
i just make a little list, to show you what i need XD just for fun maybe?XD

In order how much i want them XD
Red most wanted and so on XD

Joseon Hair (Gold) (but have nothing for trade i think XD)

Shiva Skin
Capricorn Hair (Scarlet)
Cowboy Hair (Gray White)
Piratesse Hair

Lady Antoinette Dress (Teal)
Lady Antoinette Dress (Violet
Helewise Robe (Maroon)
Fire Gen 1 Dress (Orange)
Gillie Gibbs Background (Orange)

Love Pirate Garment (Scarlet)
Love Pirate Garment (Maroon)
Tifunee Hair (Emerald Green)

Amethyst Hair
Indian Dream Earrings (Black)
Saloon Girl Background (Leaf Green)
Fire Gen 1 Wings (Orange)

Fluffball Collar (Black)
Fluffball Paw (Black)
Amethyst Ribbon

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 Post subject: Re: ♪ [LF][19.07] Old Rite Cloak, Sept. Flower Brooch & more
Post Posted: Jul 19th, '17, 19:50    

Oh yeah, my taste for the colours has changed a lot in the past, even though I haven't been on this site nearly as long as you.
But I could never afford buying all the sets, so I just buy those that I really like as a whole or those that have an item that I adore a looot and think will be hard to get separate. (I could still kick myself for not getting the oktoberfest set, I wasn't interested in anything but the freckles, but they're near impossible to get separate. People were offering a fc for them almost immediately once the month was over... And I'm not willing to spend one on an item if I could have easily gotten the whole set for it...)
And yeah, there's a lot of old items that I think are really neat, but I'd value them nowhere near what I see them listed for.

The trying them out in the dac is a good idea :) I think I'll do that! But I'm pretty sure I'd like at least the garment and the bg (and the mermaid eyes of course) if we can figure out a trade that feels good for both of us.

I think skins are also hard because they're so versatile. A lot of other items people might sell because they're not quite their style or they have too little items in the colour and don't use it. But a skin? You'll always find some use for it, as long as it's not an incredibly crazy colour that you just dislike.

How about I'll list the items from your list that I'd find it not too hard to let go of and then we can see if we can find a suitable match between those and the ones you have for trade and I like? But feel free to still suggest me throwing in something else from your list, I'm not completely against trading those either. Just thought I'd let you know what I'd prefer if possible :)

That would be:
Capricorn Hair (Scarlet)
Lady Antoinette Dress (Teal)
Lady Antoinette Dress (Violet)
Love Pirate Garment (Scarlet)
Love Pirate Garment (Maroon)
Tifunee Hair (Emerald Green)
Amethyst Hair
Saloon Girl Background (Leaf Green)
Fluffball Collar (Black)
Amethyst Ribbon

Actually, the Joseon Hair in Gold is a curious case for me :D
When I saw it was the gift from the queen, I went right ahead and donated for it because I had the black one and loved it to pieces. But turns out, I actually don't like that the back is a bit more bulged up in the queen version and I haven't really used it much yet. So I really don't know if I want to trade it away ever, seeing how much I wanted it and everything. But I thought I'd put it up in my list in case someone would make me a really sweet offer for it. (I guess it would have to be the old rite cloak with some other goodies thrown in... Or maybe another gift of the queen that I'd use more instead? No idea :D)

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 Post subject: Re: ♪ [LF][19.07] Old Rite Cloak, Sept. Flower Brooch & more
Post Posted: Jul 19th, '17, 20:50    

Actually i have some of the skins..most of them i think..except the moo moo colored ones and the lynx spots..(and some others)
especially the spots would be great but those sets were all released when i was on hiatus for 3 years..
another thing i regret! XD..since those are impossible to get..
i mean it took em 6 years to get the angels skin and i was just extremly lucky XD
I have some skins i absolutly do not use'-'
for example its the bat skins in coffee and midnight blue..esecially midnight blue..
then the 2011 halloween skins..sold many of those this year and only have 2 left of each XD
(before they were recolored..dont like the new ones..>< too bright!)
doughnight 2014 skin..and the snowflakes (but i love the snowflakes ><)
also most of the elegant furry skins (except cream white) are in my inventory,but i never use those.. Why did i decided to buy those? because of the hair XD
leviathan skin,zombie skin from halloween..panda skin in pink..
i never use those honestly XD yet i had to have those..lol

Let me see, Q gifts i have a second from..those arent much..
since backthen donation worked differently and you had 3 months to collect one..(1 gift stayed the same for 3 months and was more than double as expensive as now!!!!) i only have:
capricorn hair (but not ready to sell or trade yet)
same goes for the Light Gen 12 hair
Golden Neko..well guess not giving it away,because i value it really high ^^' its really oldT_T and costs me hell of money..
Golden Rose Headpiece..also dofficult ><
I am too complicated i guess XD i prefer giving those items away against other queen items i absolutly want. There are some i would love,others i like and then others i think they're quite nice..(which i only by for :food: XD)

from the ones you have chosen so far...the only ones i would consider as "oh i think i would like to have them now/sooner than others) would be

Capricorn Hair (Scarlet)
i always prefer skins,hair,eyes,lips and then tops.
depending on color,"form" and such ^^'
but i honestly would value the items i have a bit highter than this hair.
Stating something is always so difficult.. XD
And i am so tired '-' Could i might get a night to think about it?
its "only" almost 9 in the evening here but i am actually awake since 4 last ngiht again.. and tomorrow i must get up at 6 again and buy some things..>< so i dont know how much sleep i'll get.. i prefer doing this when i am awake XD
i mean lets say,we just took the "first step" in our negotiations?XD
we also can talk this out per pm if you prefer not spamming here too much.Just let me know

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 Post subject: Re: ♪ [LF][19.07] Old Rite Cloak, Sept. Flower Brooch & more
Post Posted: Jul 19th, '17, 21:58    

I actually have one of the lynx sets, the light sand one. I think that might actually have been the set I spent my very first fairy coin on. I actually don't use it much though. Not even the spots, although they're certainly the most versatile item from the set. It's one of those cases where I wanted it a lot and still think it's a really nice set, but it just doesn't end up on my avi often.
I haven't really used the snowflakes much either yet :D But maybe next winter, before christmas, when I still long for snow more and make more ice queen style avis. They're really neat in any case!
Really, you have the elegant furry skins and don't use them much? I end up using one of them in the dac quite a lot, I think the cream one? Is there a cream one? But sometimes there are things that one uses more in the dac because somehow there's a different habit of searching all possibilities, where in my own wardrobe I tend to stick to things I know well more... If I make an avi in the dac I always search for skin in the end and try all that might look nice. In my own wardrobe I usually have an idea which of mine would fit best and don't try so many.

The only queens gifts I have are the joseon hair, the light gen 12 hair (didn't think I'd adore it as much as I do - I find that one very usable) and the capricorn tail. I'd never dream of having doubles of the gifts :D

I'm also open to trading not one for one but maybe like 4 for 5 or something like that if that matches up better. I tend to view a trade for multiple items more like "do I value this bunch of items equally to this bunch of items" not item by item. If that helps at all :D

I tried around with the gloves a bit in the dac and found a nice combination with a top I own, so I am actually also interested in those. That was really a good suggestion! I wish we had a button in the dac like "show only what I own", that would make things even easier.

Btw, I'm also quite open to trading the Piratesse Hair, I took that off the list mostly because I discussed a trade for that with someone else ages ago... It was kind of left open and I didn't really hear back at some point, so I should really sort that out before trading it away. I'll go and try to find their thread and clear that up!

But sure, take all the time you need to think about things :) I'm in no particular rush.
I don't mind discussing this in the thread, it's not like it's crowded here and there's any danger of things getting confused. Also keeps my thread up in the forum ;) But if you'd prefer pms, that's fine with me, too.

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 Post subject: Re: ♪ [LF][19.07] Old Rite Cloak, Sept. Flower Brooch & more
Post Posted: Jul 20th, '17, 10:10    

from the lynx set i was only able to buy the tails.
just a few weeks ago lol..but they're really small and useless..><
I absolutly want the spots..
I also bought sets back then,i thought they will be great..
The wonderland set for example..i even got doubles of those set,but i am not wearing those items by myself XD

as fur the elegant furry skin..
i have all..the one you mean,is the same i mean too, cream.
(but i actually prefer using the forest child doe skin XD-love that one)
The cream white is kinda useful too
the only one which is kinda useful so far for me.
i hate sky blue (the color)...><
the lavender one is quite nice but reminds me in a grape XD
claret is too .."strong"..><

you dont happen to want to trade the joseon hair against the capricorn hair in gold?XDD

yeah i usually also do those "multiply items against one" trades.
Its just a bit hard to check out which ones you would like to use.
This personal value thing is a bit heavy for trades XD
well maybe we should make a note of my items ,which ones we value the hightest of those?
i mean for example i see it like this (without adding how much at first)

Mermaid Eyes (Midnight Blue)
Snow White Garment
Starry Night Background
Snow White Gloves

I was also wondering about,if we might should try to find some "numbers" for the items..Like
"I value the snow white gloved between 30-45k) (EXAMPLE XD)
and you tell me how much you value your items..
so then we could try to figure out a bit easier what we think about those and maybe find a way out of this?XD

As for the piratesse hair,yeah i just saw,it was november '-'
I hoenstly,would have had forgotten about this by now,if the potential buyer didnt write she still wants it, i would have ignored it then XD
more than 6 months are too much for me XD
but thats my personal way of thinking.
Since it was not on hold for this user, i would have given it away to be honest XD IF it was on hold,it would have been something absolutly different..Then i also would try contacting her a few times.
even though i would have wished,she would have contacted me a few times to hold me up to date about this ^^
Well if she doesnt - i want it!*-* *hopes i can get this*XD
but i would also be absolutly interisted in the cowboy hair in white*-* kinda love it..
guess the cowboy hair and the capricorn hair are most wanted of them all(except shiva skin XD)

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 Post subject: Re: ♪ [LF][19.07] Old Rite Cloak, Sept. Flower Brooch & more
Post Posted: Jul 21st, '17, 17:27    

Sorry for the late response, I was a bit busy and didn't get around to thinking about what to write.

I can imagine the more colourful elegant furry skins are less useful. I also don't use the more colourful skins I have as often, even if I like them a lot. Somehow I feel like you have to plan the avi with them in mind from the start, whereas choosing the skin is often more of a thing I do in the end for me.
I really enjoy sky blue as a colour, but I would probably have a hard time finding a use for it in a skin, too :D

Nah, sorry, I'm not interested in the capricorn hair in gold at all ;) (If I'd like the capricorn hairs in general, I wouldn't be trading my scarlet one either, so really, that's good for you ;))

Yeah, putting numbers might help, although I'm sometimes quite bad at it, especially when I am unsure of whether I want to let go of an item at all. Like, I could attach a high number to it to reflect that it's important to me, but that would not be the same number that I'd think would be a fair value if I also take the economy of the site into consideration. So I'll start by just doing that for the items I'm more happy to trade at first, okay? I'll make a list at the end of the post.

Your ranking of your items is pretty much how I would have ranked them as well, maybe I would switch the garment and the bg if I go more by how much I want it and less by what I think are fair prices for the items (but I actually am very unsure what the garment is considered worth, so there's that...).

I wouldn't go back about that trade either, if I wasn't very interested in the side of the trade that I might get out of it ;) I kinda forgot about it actually, but remembered it when I saw the piratesse hair in my wardrobe while making my trade list.

I'm a bit on the fence about the cowboy hair - I recently traded the other colour I had of them away already, so it is the last one of that style that I have. I like it and have used it in some avis I think, but it's not one of the hairs I use and love a lot, which is why I put it up. It's one of the cases where I would be hard pressed to attach a number, because the feelings and what I perceive the item is worth don't really go well together.

Capricorn Hair (Scarlet) - 30-35k ? Hard to determine, it has only one sale ever in the market records
Lady Antoinette Dress (Teal) - 25-30k? same as above...
Lady Antoinette Dress (Violet) - same as the teal one, I can never decide which one I like more. Actually, I think it'd be much easier for me to let go of one of them if I keep the other, just so I still have the style
Love Pirate Garment (Scarlet) - 15-20k? this is hard!
Love Pirate Garment (Maroon) - 15-20k, same thing applies for these as for the lady antoinette dresses
Tifunee Hair (Emerald Green) - 8-15k?
Amethyst Hair (Black) - 7-15k?
Saloon Girl Background (Leaf Green) - 8-15k?
Fluffball Collar (Black) - 10-20k maybe? this one is difficult for me
Amethyst Ribbon - 7-12k

Yeah, not sure, I'm not good at this :D

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 Post subject: Re: ♪ [LF][19.07] Old Rite Cloak, Sept. Flower Brooch & more
Post Posted: Jul 21st, '17, 18:27    

good evening!
i absolutly know what you mean..
i dont always use skins from the wardrobe.
sometimes i use the standart ones,that is enough for some avs^^
But when i wanna do something fancy.. XDD
Or if just matches better because of wings,or ears and tail i use..like now XD

So with the cowboy hair you have the kinda same or simillar feeling like i for the mermaid eyes XD
its kinda.."argh i dont know.." XD
Well how about..letting me know whenever you wanna sell it?
or trade. Because i am actually reaaally interisted in it! but i wasnt able to buy it when it was in the TT..since i had no funds..i absolutly wanted the hairs,eyes and the horses but no FCs available at that time..
so i am trying to get those things together.
The hairstyle is incredible cute and easy and good to use in avs for me*-*
I like the white one especially because i would have an easy time to choose matching colors.
Played in the DAC yesterday, and found an av i would love to wear,along with this hair..But i also would still need some saloon girl items in fuchsia XD
(dress and the matching feather>_<)..Still a long way to go for me XD

Its difficult to use the "sale scale" as a reference since this system part is tottaly broken..>< i sold some items for a lot this year and it hasnt been updated.. So this is really annoying..

well i am also not quite sure (we could talk about it though XD) i guess i would,if i think about how often i sold or traded those items already and what i got for those..probably state something like this (but we can talk about it! XD)

Mermaid Eyes (Midnight Blue) Here lies the real problem..
Because i wouldnt sell them for less than 2 FC (75x2=150k)on the market..especially since its my last spare pair..><
So i am reaaaally really really not to 100% sure if i absolutly wanna give them away..even though you can ask for less than 150 of course.
I gues sit depends on the item i trade them for?How much i want it,ect..

Snow White Garment 50-60k (got 60k in january..><)

Starry Night Background 35-60k i guess..well i sold one for 45k and one for 1FC(=75k) this year..>_< Thats why i said its difficult since the statistics when you sell this item isnt showing the prices after february or march!..we need useffel back! >_<

Snow White Gloves 10-25k somwhere between, guess less than 20 are totally fine though XD

As for the list you made, i totally agree with this.
I dont have anything to say against it at all XD

please tell me what they're worth for you

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 Post subject: Re: ♪ [LF][19.07] Old Rite Cloak, Sept. Flower Brooch & more
Post Posted: Jul 22nd, '17, 07:08    

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I think i have the fire gen wings in soft blue if youre looking for them .... not sure?
check my siggy :'d

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 Post subject: Re: ♪ [LF][19.07] Old Rite Cloak, Sept. Flower Brooch & more
Post Posted: Jul 22nd, '17, 18:57    

@Agito: The items in my second post are actually not what I'm looking for but rather what I have available for trade. Thanks for reminding me to check your thread though ;)


Regarding the Cowboy sets... Do you have the eyes by now? Because I have the silver and the black ones and I think I would be open to trading one pair away of those (it's kind of the thing with I'd still have one item of the style left again). If you're interested? Let me know.

I didn't know the market statistics weren't updating properly! That explains a lot... Have you reported it?

Okay, now to the hard part... I think your prices seem reasonable and fair, but I'm not sure if I want some of the items enough (you know, the whole "the item is worth more than I like it because it's old" kinda deal). So let me go item by item.

Mermaid Eyes (Midnight Blue):
For me, here lies a problem as well ;) In the past, I would have said "sucks, they're old and expensive, but I just need them". But the thing is, I need them for a dream avi that I probably can't realize anymore because the background and hair were drastically changed by shop item remakes. (If you're curious, it's the rose red avi in my quest thread.)
So now I have to consider how much I would use them outside of that avi. They're still a really pretty style, but I already have eyes I love a lot in that colour. And I'm not generally good at making big eyes work. So right now, I'm hesitant to spend that much on them. Maybe if we're both hesitant about this, we should not trade them?

Snow White Garment:
I honestly expected it to be a little less expensive, but then again, I haven't really seen it in the market much and seeing that you sold it for that price, that seems to be fair. If there's enough items of mine you'd like that we can make this work out, I'd still be interested, but it's not an absolute must have at that price point for me.

Starry Night BG:
That's quite a range ;) I wouldn't pick it up from the market for a FC, honestly, but 40-45k seems reasonable to me. So maybe this one for the Capricorn Hair + one of the smaller items? I would really like to have it...

Snow White Gloves:
I would have estimated those at 10-15k, so pretty much what you wrote :)

Okay, how do we proceed from here?

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