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I have items for trade listed now!
Yay, great, makes the thread more interesting! 15%  15%  [ 8 ]
Boooring, I just want pure... 4%  4%  [ 2 ]
Uh, there's something there that tempts me... 11%  11%  [ 6 ]
Bah, you only have uninteresting stuff! (Ask me for sth else!) 6%  6%  [ 3 ]
I'd like something, but I don't have what you look for. (Check my wishlist, there's more!) 7%  7%  [ 4 ]
Idk, gimme :food: 57%  57%  [ 31 ]
Total votes : 54
 Post subject: Re: ♪ [LF][19.07] Old Rite Cloak, Sept. Flower Brooch & more
Post Posted: Jul 22nd, '17, 19:53    

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and again,i clicked on trade instead of replay..
so annoying this always happends..
My live lies on the right site of this forum not left XD dont know why lol

The mermaid eyes first:
i see,thats actually a problem.
Oh i also hate this..some items look sooo badly after the remake><
Actually i only voted ONCE FOR a remake,the other times always NO..because i am missing the highlights,which were important for me and most of the times,the only good feature for some items lol..
So i edet up not using items anymore,that i loved so much before..its a real shame though! i still dont wanna sell those items,but well..not using them at all i guess?
Also i am not a fan of too big eyes..like the august eyes for example,they're far too big..But too small is also bad '-' i have trouble finding the right size for myself lol
So i absolutly understand this problem!
Well i will hold onto them then.If you ever think you absolutly need them, please dont hestiate to come back at me ^^

Snow White garment.
Well yeah,for this i might go a bit lower.
I mean depending on how much you want it, i might just think "well ok i know how it feels,so well,lets give it a new number like example i'll go with 50k"..
would this be acceptable?
like example:
Lady Antoinette Dress (Teal) - 25-30k? (of we say 30)
+ Love Pirate Garment (Scarlet) - 15-20k? (if we say 20) we would have 50.

Snow White gloves
Lets say 12k then? its kinda the middle.almost XD
Would the Tifunee Hair (Emerald Green) - 8-15k? fine for this?

Starry Night BG:
Hn..well ok sure. Why not?^^
I still have one in reserve then*-* might sell it end of the year lol
This BG against the capricorn hair and..let me see what would be acceptable?
Saloon Girl Background (Leaf Green) - 8-15k?

As for the cowboys eyes..let me check..yeah as i thought..I only have the original ones..But i love the hair much more than the eyes,since i dont really use them ^^'

about the market things..sometimes it works..sometimes not..i have heared somewhere it was a known issue? same as when you buy things from the shop,they charge you double the costs of an item from time to time..XD
but debugging (a rescript) would take forever..so i dont really think those things will be done this year at all'-' but its just my opeion^^'
It worked for the shop items or the wild knuffel items i sold within the last few days..But not for all MT/TT items..so its kinda strange..><

What are your options on these? please let me know your honest option^^

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 Post subject: Re: ♪ [LF][19.07] Old Rite Cloak, Sept. Flower Brooch & more
Post Posted: Jul 22nd, '17, 20:31    

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I usually mix up trade and quote :D

I'm glad you understand my trouble with the eyes :) And I know exactly what you mean about items one doesn't really use anymore but also wouldn't let go of... *cries about her sky curtains* *worries about the future of her spellcaster spell*
I'll definitely keep you in mind should I find myself really wanting the eyes again!

I think all of your trade suggestions are fine! Thank you for going lower on the garment, I appreciate it! Should I start a trade or do you want to think about your item choices some more?

Yeah, I know what you mean about the cowboy eyes, I also don't really use them a lot. Which is weird, I think they look pretty, but somehow they never really fit what I want for an avi...

Ah, I didn't know it was a known issue. Even though I usually read everything in the support forum :D But I forget most of it again. But yeah, if it only behaves weird for some items, it might be a more fiddly bug... We'll see if it gets fixed eventually, starkad has only so much time to devote to the site and with everything else going on it's probably not a high priority issue.

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 Post subject: Re: ♪ [LF][19.07] Old Rite Cloak, Sept. Flower Brooch & more
Post Posted: Jul 23rd, '17, 08:00    

yeh this trade-quote thing happened at the beginning too..
then once i had so many strades,that i kinda always wanna click it lol
So whenever you get another trade,without knowing why, its because i misclicked again and forgot to remove it XD

i am soo tired >-<
we had a thunderstorm tonight but not much..
then suddenly around 4,5minutes before i wanted to close the windows (due to pollenallergie) we had a waterfall XD sudenly it started raising and it was really strong for 30minutes.
It also cooled down a bit yeay~ but suddenly so much that i grabbed another blanket lol
I have ,next to my room, the frontdoor which has a little "rooftop"..the problem is the material,its hardplastic so when its raining hard its impossible to sleep due to the noise..i am tired as hell but we have 6weeks memorial service of my grandfathers death today..
so i must due a few things *half asleep* XD should try eating a bit..

Ah please dont worry,i absolutly understand this eye-trouble.I am not just here since yesterday and saw many items gonna remade or how i call it "destroyed" XD..Because it simply doesnt look good anymore lol
Sadly this is actually ALWAYS the case for remakes..Which is really bothersome if you paid a lot of FP or more than 2 or 3 FC for an item or an set you absolutly badly wanted..and now its going to get moldy forever >_<
since you absolutly cant see it anymore..But people dont pay that much anymore for those items..due to its looks x_x so i'd rather keep them to be honest^^'

Oh well,dont worry about the garment.I mean i still have another one to sell/trade away.. didnt like this set that much,especially the garment XD i was more for the eyes and lips (what i also dont like anymore lol?) and since you seem to really want it ,i thought i'd take the lowest,thats fine too.

But i have to thank YOU for giving away some of the items i wanted*-* Especially the capricorn hair..those are kinda impossible for me to get,..everyone wants, but i dont see them selling anywhere x_x too bad i missed them.Love this style!

yeah the eyes aren't bad but hard to match in due to the style..Guess its because of the eyelashs?..Or depending on how you combinate them they look a bit "empty"..? not sure how to say..So i prefer the hair,its toottally cute and easy to use*-* if i just would have been able to raise funds back then..i got a second pair of the original eyes..'-' hopefully i will be able tot trade them for something good one day XD

I sent trade^^ I am fine with my choice ^^ Slowly i come nearer to some nice avs i can mke with those items XD
Well i read somewhere its knows'-' if they really do..who knows, in the support section many things dont get answered so..'-'*shrugs shoulders*
but they're a lot of issues right now, whenever they put in something new,something older breaks XD thats the problem if you cant check the whole site before including something new..like a beta test XD
the coding takes kinda forever,even know i only knpow html not php,i know its a nightmare XD finding one single mistake,or a code that destroys the other takes really months XD so well.. we just be careful whenever we buy something from the shops.At best make a list and add all FP together.then buy and look how much more is missing-report and get money back XD

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 Post subject: Re: ♪ [LF][19.07] Old Rite Cloak, Sept. Flower Brooch & more
Post Posted: Jul 23rd, '17, 15:42    

Huh, that was weird, the field to add a message didn't appear for me in the trade... I hope it went alright apart from that? Let me know if something wonky happens for you.

We also had pretty intense weather this night. My phone kept giving me some notification warning me about it every few minutes...
That problem with your front roof sounds annoying... Hope you can get some more sleep tonight!

I sometimes do like the remakes, like when an item had a weird tilt before and the perspective just looks better afterwards. But sometimes the colours change so drastically... And sometimes also the style/flair of the item just goes in a completely different direction. That can also be pretty bad.

I really like the colour combo of the garment! Those are such rich, beautiful colours... I'm really looking forward to playing around with it :)

The capricorn hairs are really pretty, but I just don't tend to use short haircuts much. I like the hair either long and flowing or in an updo. That's just me though ;) So I'm happy that you'll probably get better use out of it than me!

The cowboy eyes... I think you're onto something with them looking empty. I think that's what puts me off about them. I like the shape and also the lashes, but somehow the pupils are weird and that gives them this weird empty look I think.

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 Post subject: Re: ♪ [LF][19.07] Old Rite Cloak, Sept. Flower Brooch & more
Post Posted: Jul 23rd, '17, 16:22    

cowboy eyes:
riight! thats what i think soo..
Its so.."dead".. like glass..it kinda scares me..guess i watched too many horror movies and read too many horror mangas including dolls?XD
i cant sleep in a room with one i think,i would probably creep out killing the doll without any reason after some time loool i would just snap i guess XD

short hair:
i also prefer long hair,and fluffy ones*-* kinda like for example..let me see let me see..
dont know? you see when ti gets a bit wavery from the breast on for example.
I like that a lot! or breads or curls*-*
i am totally into long..So its rare for me to go extra for short hair, but the capricorn hair is a BIG example of a nice short haircut.
Usually i always take long wigs lol

thank you so much for this trade*-*
i am happy we were able to figure something out.I really like some of the items and hope i'll be able to make nice avs with those*-*
I will try out,especially the new hairs soon XD
I have a habbit of always creating new avs with new items when i get some..
This is an annoying habbit of mine..sometimes,due to this i change my av a few times a day,depending on how many trades i do that day XD

yeah wonderful..>< i only have a pollen alarm which rings every morning at 8 (when its too late XD) but i only can choose this option alone..>< this is annoying,especially,since i stated which pollen shall be warned off..
and i get this ring every single morning at 8,no matter if its pollen that i am allergic against or not..even if they are NO pollen nearby my place,due to rain and such, it doesnt care..It still rings >-< so i decided to put it off.. i was too annoyed by it.
I wish i would be able to get a "thunderstorm" warning too!..but the apps i have here,dont give me this option at all >_< *wants it now*XD
Yeah its absolutly annoying..it was too loud so i am tired the whole day X_X maybe its better tomorrow,thanks^^

Snow White Garment:
Please have fun with it! feel free to show me your newly done av with it too^^
Its nice if i was able to give you an item you really looked forward too^^ Makes me happy too XD Sounds strange,hn?
But its much better in your hands,as in mine then XD

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 Post subject: Re: ♪ [LF][19.07] Old Rite Cloak, Sept. Flower Brooch & more
Post Posted: Jul 23rd, '17, 16:46    

Trying the cowboy eyes on again just now - I also feel like maybe the right (from our perspective) eye is a little too small. Something feels also a bit off about the perspective. But mostly they're looking dead, yeah :D

I know what you mean, the capricorn hairs are nice for short hair! I like how you use it now, your avi is really pretty :)

I totally know what you mean! I just changed my avi for the second time in under an hour, because I was playing around with the item I got from Agito's giveaway before and now I of course needed to play with the stuff I got from you :) I managed to put all I got from you together into one avi :D I love the combo of the garment with the rose headribbon - I just found that. The colours go great and they both still have some highlights, so it's like they're made from the same fabric *happy dance*

Hm, that pollen alarm sounds like it's not really much better than just setting an alarm yourself... If that worked well and actually depended on weather conditions and everything, that would be a really cool thing!
I have actually no idea where that warning came from... I don't think I have an app for that... Must be some weird google app... Or maybe it was from my weather app? I do have the wetter.com app installed, maybe that is doing the notifications. That would actually make sense. I think it must be a new feature though, I never had them before.

Doesn't sound strange at all! I love it, I'm just a fan of fancy dresses and capes :D Although it's a rather extravagant dress ;) But it's so pretty :)
I'll have to play around with necklaces some more, this one looks good but it has the light sand in there that I didn't find a good way of taking up in the rest of the avi. If I had a light sand hair that worked, maybe... But maybe a yellow necklace would be even better...

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 Post subject: Re: ♪ [LF][19.07] Old Rite Cloak, Sept. Flower Brooch & more
Post Posted: Jul 23rd, '17, 17:17    

oh my gosh,we actually have "dead fish eyes" XD

Yeah nice av^^
Thanks i was playing around a bit.I dont have many Scarlet colored items so far..its definally one of the nice colors that are negletet..
and the few sets we had, i wasnt around at that time to get those T_T
s i did the best i could..
i kinda think that darker skin matches very well with scarlet*-*
and gold also matches well..

as for sandlight hair..sorry i only have an extra libra hair or Alice Hair.
so nothing i could trade you for that ><

as for the app alarm..
i use accuweather.com.
since this is definally more accurate when you search the weather after entering zip (postalcode)..my expierence with this is much better,so i have this one. But i also dont know right now,if weather.com has a storm alarm.
Even though it really makes sense that it comes from the weather app.
I dont have much on my mobile,since a phone is something to make calls and write sms for me..nothing to play around.
i use the net if i must look up a adress,or the way or a number,when i am lost somewhere or so XD i also dont use it for reading mails,ect..
i am too scared people hack it X_X

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 Post subject: Re: ♪ [LF][19.07] Old Rite Cloak, Sept. Flower Brooch & more
Post Posted: Jul 23rd, '17, 17:37    

Lol :D

I love scarlet! Mostly in combination with jade green, like with the strawberry or sleeping beauty items... Lucky you, having the headpiece! I'm already pretty happy that I managed to get my hands on the frame though.
But the combination with gold is nice too. Not sure I enjoy the combination with teal that a lot of items have quite as much though. I think I prefer it in a little softer combinations than that.
I'll have to try combining it with a dark skin - not sure if I've ever done that!

Yeah, no worries. If I really wanted to get a light sand hair, I'd just try the shop ones. Now that we can buy these as wigs, they're a real option. I was so happy when we got that update!

The weather app is actually pretty unnecessary, when I think about it... I look up the weather from time to time, yeah, but I could do that just as well on the website. I never really look at the little widget on my homescreen showing the current weather anyway... Good candidate to get thrown away when I clean up my apps the next time ^^

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 Post subject: Re: ♪ [LF][19.07] Old Rite Cloak, Sept. Flower Brooch & more
Post Posted: Jul 26th, '17, 10:44    

congratulaton on getting the bashee hair^^

the scarlet is nice.not my most fav but belongs to the good colors.
i dont really have anything in that color since it feels like this color also was negleted a lot!

you mean the sleeping beauty hairpiece?
yeah i bought this set from the TT back then.
Sadly i only got it once.. i got the snow white set 5 times but its hard selling those items since it wasnt that popular anymore after a few weeks lol..
the sleeping beauty set,i only like the roses and eyes from the original one..
but it is still too popular lol..If i would have known><
My taste is always too different than others..i should only buy doubles of sets i HATE also in colors i hate,thus makes sure i can sell them a year later XDD

yeah the scarlet and gold looks good together*-*
I was also happy about the update when we could start buying wigs from the shop into our inventory.it annoyed me as hell,when we couldnt..i didnt change my hairstyle since years and only used TT wigs ^^
Even though they're hadly any styles i really like but well.Even if we are able to choose two colors..I would prefer an option to add "stripes" XD

i need my weather and pollen app absolutly XD so i am happy with those..
wella t least i can check out the pollen flight when /before i leave.
Even if i have to check the weather app too and count it together,its still better than nothing

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 Post subject: Re: ♪ [LF][19.07] Old Rite Cloak, Sept. Flower Brooch & more
Post Posted: Jul 27th, '17, 15:06    

Thank you :) It's such a pretty style!

I took a while to notice how nice scarlet is, but now I really like it a lot. But yeah, it could use some more items. Although I think that about all my favourite colours, so maybe that's just me being greedy :D

It's sometimes really hard to predict what will be popular and what won't... Usually I think eyes and skins have good chances, right? But which styles exactly is hard to tell...

I have never changed my base hairstyle - although I wish I had, I could have saved the hair I needed for that one dream avi that way. The hair I have now is still in the old design, but for this I wouldn't mind just having it in the new one as a wig... Oh well, I didn't know it would be like that.
But yeah, a lot of the cutting crew styles are not for me either. But there are a few that I like, so if I really need hair in a specific colour, they're always an option. But yeah, the two colours never really look good to me either with the hard divide between front and back piece. Streaks would look more realistic. But I think it is just because of how the layering works with hair that it is much easier to just separate front and back. (The back half also vanishes when wearing some hats, for example, so they're probably separate images.)

I don't really have any pollen issues myself luckily, so I don't know what exactly you can see in those apps. But if it helps you figure out what the conditions are like, that's good :) What do you do when you see that there's a lot of pollen a day? Do you just plan less outdoor activities or can you take something like eyedrops preventatively? I know my sister (who used to have very bad hay fever) would always carry some with her when she was doing outdoor activities.

On a completely different and more general to this thread note, I was very bummed out this morning. While I was sleeping someone sold the Old Rite Cloak in the market for a fairy coin. It was already gone when I checked (immediately after waking up, since I saw the wishlist notification in my mails). So I guess I'm offering a fairy coin for that item!
Now if I could figure out a way to fit that into my thread title... Kinda don't want to kick out the brooch, since I'm hoping the mix of TT and monthly item mentioned will draw more people in (since it might be more likely that people have monthly items they want to sell). Hm, what to do...

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