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I am selling stuff, too!!!
... And now? 18%  18%  [ 11 ]
Are you special now? 6%  6%  [ 4 ]
Yaaay 21%  21%  [ 13 ]
Finally! 8%  8%  [ 5 ]
Old items! 18%  18%  [ 11 ]
Why? 29%  29%  [ 18 ]
Total votes : 62
 Post subject: Grand Opening! - Event/Digging/Knuffel Items!
Post Posted: Aug 24th, '17, 11:47    

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Hello guys!

I am here for quite a while now and I decided to sell some (older) items I own. I am only selling doubles for now, maybe someday I'll sell items I do not like anymore (because of various reasons).
I thought about such a thread for a long while now and I decided that my time has come (due to inflation here e.g.).

I am really bad with prices! I am going to state what I want sometimes, on other items I will just ask what you would give for it. I trade for other items of the same kind as well :)

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 Post subject: Re: {Under Construction}
Post Posted: Aug 24th, '17, 12:03    

Digging Items

Air Sash 1 x12
Air Hat 1 x1
Air Eyepatch 1 x5
Air Hairclip x1
Air Arrow x1
Air Bird 1 x7
Air Mantra 1 x9
Darkness Coat x1
Darkness Sash x8
Darkness Top 2 x2
Darkness Eyepatch 1 x8
Darkness Hairclip x5
Darkness Bird 1 x7
Darkness Mantra 1 x4
Earth Coat x2
Earth Sash 1 x5
Earth Eyepatch 1 x5
Earth Hairclip x3
Earth Crown x1
Earth Spell x3
Earth Staff 1 x1
Earth Bird 1 x9
Earth Mantra 1 x12
Fire Sash 1 x5
Fire Eyepatch 1 x3
Fire Hairclip x2
Fire Jewel x4
Fire Spell x2
Fire Staff 1 x1
Fire Bird 1 x5
Fire Mantra 1 x4
Light Coat x1
Light Sash 1 x4
Light Eyepatch 1 x8
Light Hairclip x5
Light Spell x1
Light Bird 1 x7
Light Mantra 1 x4
Water Coat x3
Water Sash 1 x9
Water Eyepatch 1 x5
Water Jewel x2
Water Spell x2
Water Bird 1 x7
Water Mantra 1 x3

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 Post subject: Re: {Under Construction}
Post Posted: Aug 24th, '17, 12:04    

Event Items


09 Neck Ribbon x1
09 Armlet x1
09 Doughnut x1
'11 Bra x2
'11 Collar x1
'11 Neck Ribbon x1
'11 Headpiece x1
'11 Brooch x1
'11 Earrings x1
'11 Hairclip x1
'11 Ring x1
'11 Flying Reindeer x4
'11 Reindeer In My Hand x3
'16 Hair x1
'16 Head Ribbon x1
'16 Candy Cane x1
'16 Lips x1
'16 Skin Snowflakes x1
'16 Wings x1


'11 Sash Dark Blue x1
'11 Sash Sky Blue x1
'11 Shirt Dark Blue x1
'11 Shirt Sky Blue x1
'11 Long Wig Dark Blue x1
'11 Long Wig Sky Blue x1
'11 Short Wig Dark Blue x1
'11 Short Wig Sky Blue x1
'11 Bunny Tail Dark Blue x1
'11 Eyes Red x1
'11 Eyes Sky Blue x1
'11 Lips Dark Blue x1
'11 Lips Lavender x1
'11 Skin Dark Blue x1
'11 Skin Lavender x1 - 15,000 :food:
'11 Frame Dark Blue x1
'11 Frame Lavender x1
'12 Earrings Gray x1
'12 Earrings Violet x1
'12 Ring Gray x1
'12 Ring Violet x1
'13 Chick Top Light Sand x1
'13 Chick Top Yellow x1
'13 Chick Earrings Light Sand x1
'13 Chick Earrings Yellow x1
'13 Chick on the Head Yellow x1
'13 Chick on the Shoulder Yellow x1


'10 Scarf Coffee x1
'10 Scarf Indigo x1
'10 Undershirt Coffee x1
'10 Earrings Coffee x1
'10 Hairclip Coffee x1
'10 Staff Coffee x1
'10 Staff Indigo x1
'10 Tattoo Coffee x1
'11 Pumpkin Gloves Fire Orange x1
'11 Pumpkin Shirt Fire Orange x1
'11 Pumpkin Lips Orange x1
'11 Pumpkin Lips Fire Orange x1
'11 Pumpkin Skin Fire Orange x2
'11 Pumpkin Background Fire Orange x2
'11 Bat Ears Coffee x1
'11 Bat Background Coffee x1
'12 Ghost Pirate Shirt Cream x1
'12 Ghost Pirate Shirt Turquoise x1
'12 Ghost Pirate Hat Bright Purple x1
'12 Ghost Pirate Hat Dark Brown x1
'12 Ghost Pirate Eyepatch Bright Purple x1
'12 Ghost Pirate Eyepatch Dark Brown x2
'12 Ghost Pirate Necklace x1
'12 Ghost Pirate Saber x1
'12 Ghost Pirate Grin x1
'12 Ghost Pirate Scar x1
'12 Ghost Pirate Parrot Bright Turquoise x1
'12 Ghost Pirate Parrot Red x1
'12 Ghost Pirate Ship Background x1
'12 Dark Buttercup x11
'12 Dark Clivia x8
'12 Dark Freesia x5
'12 Dark Hibiscus x8
'12 Dark Lilium x7
'12 Dark Rose x10
'13 Jester Ruff Teal x1
'13 Jester Ruff Black x1
'13 Jester Eyes Teal x1
'13 Jester Eyes Black x1
'13 Jester Heart Facepaint Teal x1
'13 Jester Heart Facepaint Black x1
'13 Jester Star Facepaint Teal x1
'13 Jester Star Facepaint Black x1
'13 Jester Mouth Teal x1
'13 Jester Mouth Black x1
'13 Nurse Clipboard Gray White x1
'13 Nurse Clipboard Coffee x1
'13 Nurse Eyes Gray White x1
'13 Nurse Eyes Coffee x1
'13 Headprint on Belly Red x1
'13 Headprint on Belly Crimson x1
'13 Headprint on Face Red x1
'13 Headprint on Face Crimson x1
'15 Armwarmers Plum x2
'15 Armwarmers Coffee x2
'15 Undershirt Coffee x2
'15 Undershirt Light Pink x2
'15 Hat Plum x2
'15 Hat Coffee x2
'15 Tiara Plum x2
'15 Tiara Coffee x2
'15 Mask Plum x2
'15 Mask Coffee x2
'15 Ring Plum x2
'15 Ring Coffee x2
'15 Headwings Plum x2
'15 Headwings Coffee x2
'15 Mouth x2
'15 Tattoo Plum x2
'15 Tattoo Coffee x2
'15 Wings Plum x2
'15 Wings Coffee x2
'15 Background Plum x3
'15 Background Light Pink x2
'15 Border Plum x2
'15 Border Coffee x2
'16 Armwarmers Black x1
'16 Hair Black x1
'16 Headpiece Black x1
'16 Umbrella Gray White x1
'16 Mouth Burgundy x1
'16 Wings Black x1


'10 Quiz Swimsuit Claret x1
'10 Quiz Visor Claret x1
'10 Quiz Flower Lei Claret x1
'11 Bikini Sand Brown x2
'11 Bikini Turquoise x2
'11 Cloak Sand Brown x1
'11 Cloak Turquoise x1
'11 Top Sand Brown x1
'11 Top Turquoise x1
'11 Bandana Sand Brown x1
'11 Bandana Turquoise x1
'11 Female Hair Sand Brown x1
'11 Female Hair Turquoise x1
'11 Male Hair Sand Brown x1
'11 Male Hair Turquoise x1
'11 Hat Sand Brown x1
'11 Hat Turquoise x1
'11 Sunglasses Sand Brown x1
'11 Sunglasses Turquoise x1
'11 Sundae Sand Brown x2
'11 Sundae Turquoise x2
'11 Tattoo Sand Brown x2
'11 Tattoo Turquoise x2
'11 Background Sand Brown x1
'11 Background Turquoise x1
'11 Frame Sand Brown x2
'11 Frame Turquoise x2
'11 Ruffle x9
'11 Halo x3
'11 Armlet x2
'11 Hairclip x7
'11 Staff x3
'11 Tail x5
'11 Sun Top Dark Blue x1
'12 Swimsuit Yellow x12
'12 Swimsuit Indigo x4
'12 Swimsuit Light Green x3
'12 Swimsuit Fire Orange x1
'12 Hat Yellow x12
'12 Hat Indigo x5
'12 Hat Light Green x3
'12 Hat Fire Orange x2
'12 Diving Goggles Yellow x12
'12 Diving Goggles Indigo x4
'12 Diving Goggles Light Green x3
'12 Diving Goggles Fire Orange x1
'12 Earrings Yellow x12
'12 Earrings Indigo x4
'12 Earrings Light Green x4
'12 Earrings Fire Orange x2
'12 Ice Cream Yellow x12
'12 Ice Cream Indigo x5
'12 Ice Cream Light Green x4
'12 Ice Cream Fire Orange x2
'12 Kite Yellow x12
'12 Kite Indigo x4
'12 Kite Light Green x3
'12 Kite Fire Orange x2
'12 Popsicle Yellow x11
'12 Popsicle Indigo x5
'12 Popsicle Light Green x3
'12 Popsicle Fire Orange x3
'12 Wind Wheel Yellow x12
'12 Wind Wheel Indigo x4
'12 Wind Wheel Light Green x3
'12 Wind Wheel Fire Orange x2
'12 Background Yellow x12
'12 Background Indigo x4
'12 Background Light Green x3
'12 Background Fire Orange x2
'12 Background Wind Wheels Yellow x12
'12 Background Wind Wheels Indigo x4
'12 Background Wind Wheels Light Green x3
'12 Background Wind Wheels Fire Orange x1
'12 Garland Yellow x12
'12 Garland Indigo x4
'12 Garland Light Green x3
'12 Garland Fire Orange x1
'12 Ice Cream Cart Yellow x12
'12 Ice Cream Cart Indigo x4
'12 Ice Cream Cart Light Green x3
'12 Ice Cream Cart Fire Orange x1
'13 Yukata Indigo x2
'13 Yukata Light Pink x3
'13 Yukata Black x3
'13 Yukata Blue x3
'13 Kanzashi Indigo x2
'13 Kanzashi Light Pink x2
'13 Kanzashi Black x3
'13 Kanzashi Blue x3
'13 Kingyo x2
'13 Matsuri Uchiwa x2
'13 Kakigôri Background x2
'13 Tanzaku x2
'14 Dahlia Light Pink x2
'16 Earrings Dark Blue x1

St. Patrick's Day

2011 Dress x1
2011 Shirt x1
2011 Hat x1
2011 Headpiece x1
2011 Earrings x1
2011 Necklace x1
2011 Pin x1
2011 Ring x1
2011 Clovers x1
2011 Tattoo x1

Valentine's Day

2011 Top x1
2011 Hair x1
2011 Box of Chocolates x1
2011 Ears x1
2011 Eyes x1
2011 Forehead Heart x1
2011 Lips x1
2011 Mustache x1
2011 Skin x1
2011 Background x1

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 Post subject: Re: {Under Construction}
Post Posted: Aug 24th, '17, 12:04    

Knuffel Items

Cloud Knuffel Dress (Cream)
Green Tea Knuffel Collar (Bleige)
Koipan Knuffel Neckruffle (Midnight Purple)
Leilah Knuffel Dress (Indigo)
Blake Knuffel Necklace (Cyber Yellow)
Blanche Knuffel Tiara (Red)
Cloud Knuffel Hair Leaves (Ocher)
Aurora Knuffel Tail (Apricot)
Aurora Knuffel Tail (Violet)
Blutbuche Knuffel Wings (Cream White)
Capricorn Knuffel Tail (Dark Pink)
Drakerin Knuffel Wings (Fire Orange)
Fen Knuffel Ears (Dark Blue)
Hadna Knuffel Ears (Cream)
LoliSweet Knuffel Eyes (Fire Orange)
Red Panda Knuffel Ears (Light Green)

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 Post subject: Re: {Under Construction}
Post Posted: Aug 24th, '17, 12:05    

Quest Items

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 Post subject: Re: {Under Construction}
Post Posted: Aug 24th, '17, 12:05    

Other Items

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 Post subject: Re: {Under Construction}
Post Posted: Aug 24th, '17, 12:06    

Digging Material

Basically I own every material. If you need any help you can write me the amount and I will check how many of the item I have :)

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 Post subject: Re: {Under Construction}
Post Posted: Aug 24th, '17, 12:06    

Room Items

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 Post subject: Re: {Under Construction}
Post Posted: Aug 24th, '17, 12:08    

- Reserved -

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 Post subject: Re: {Under Construction}
Post Posted: Aug 24th, '17, 12:09    

:qn: WE ARE OPEN :qn:

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