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 Post subject: [B][S] Candy Caravan/Event items/More!
Post Posted: Oct 17th, '20, 18:44    

Kiwi Cannoli
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Welcome to my shop! There are alot of past items I've missed over the years that I would love to have and there are alot of items I've collected over the years that I either have extras of or just don't want anymore. :mcglee: I can offer Food and FC, but if you would love to trade items instead just let me know and we can work something out. :mchappy:

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 Post subject: Re: [B][S] Candy Caravan/Event items/More!
Post Posted: Oct 17th, '20, 18:45    

Kiwi Cannoli

Candy Caravan
I'm looking to buy all the current Candy Caravan items, mainly the Asanoha Background in all colors except Midnight Blue.

Event Items
Spring '20 Swallowtail top (All)
Spring '20 Skipper Top (All)
Spring '20 Agrias Top (All)

Spring '19 Brooch (Blue Iris, Crimson, Violet)
Spring '19 Ears (All)
Spring '19 Eyes (All)
Spring '19 Male Hair (All)
Spring '19 Tail (All)
Spring '19 Top (Violet)

Spring '18 Collar (All)
Spring '18 Dress (All)
Spring '18 Headpiece (All)
Spring '18 Male Hair (All)
Spring '18 Mask (All)

Spring '16 Garden Hose (Beige)

Easter '13 Egg Brooch (Light Pink)
Easter '13 Egg Top (Red)

Elegant Plum Sensu (Black, Bubblegum, Fire Orange, Indigo, Light Blue)
Flower Sensu (All)
Flower Uchiwa (All)
Elegant Uchiwa(All)
Flower Yukata (All)

Fancy Bikini (Gold, Violet)
Star Bikini (Blue Iris, Light Green, Magenta)
Fancy Swimsuit (Blue, Dark Pink, Light Green)
Sports Swimsuit (All)
Beach Towel (Light Green)
Summer Hat (All)
Beach Cocktail (Violet)
Popsicle(Bright Purple, Magenta)
Dragonfly (Gold)
Fireworks 2
Sand castle
Sunrise Beach Background (Bright Orange, Indigo, Magenta)
Wave and Waves

Summer '10 Arm Warmers
Summer '10 Cloak
Summer '10 Undershirt
Summer '10 Necklace

Summer '11 Sun Collar (Soft Pink)
Summer '11 Sun Sash (All)
Sun Headband (All)
Sun Brooch (All)
Sun Ring
Sun Staff (Dark Blue)

Summer '14 Sunflower Top (Blue Iris)

Digging items
Air Top 3
Air Face Mask
Air Diadem
Darkness Diadem
Fire Wings
Water Top 3
Water Wings

Air Hairclips
Fire Staff 3

Air Jewel
Water Coat

Air Staff 1
Darkness Staff 1
Fire Staff 1
Water Staff 1
Air Top 1
Fire Top 1
Light Top 1
Water Top 1
Air cloak
Darkness cloak
Earth cloak
Fire cloak
Light cloak
Water cloak
Air Hat 1
Darkness Hat 1
Earth Hat 1
Fire Hat 1
Light Hat 1
Water Hat 1


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 Post subject: Re: [B][S] Candy Caravan/Event items/More!
Post Posted: Oct 17th, '20, 18:45    

Kiwi Cannoli

Event Items
August Wedding Bowtie
August Wedding Veil

Spring '20 Swallowtail Antlers (Peach)
Spring '16 Hat (Mocha)
Spring '16 Plant (Aquax2, Claret)
Easter '13 Chick Brooch (Light Sand)

Valentine 2011 Background

Summer '11 Tail
Summer '15 Background (Bright Orange)
Summer '15 Bikini (Fuchsia)
Summer '15 Brooch (Fuchsia)
Summer '15 Drink (Brown)
Summer '15 Maracas (Plum)
Summer '15 Sea Turtle (Jade Green)
Summer '15 Ukulele
Summer '16 Set
Summer '18 Beach(Gold)x2
Summer '18 Beach (Denim)
Summer '20 Aquilus Headband (Bright Berry, Denim, Gray White)
Summer '20 Aquilus Tail (Bright Berry, Denim, Gray White)
Summer '20 Oceanna Hair (Amethyst, Aqua, Lime Green)
Summer '20 Oceanna Tail (Amethyst, Aqua, Lime Green)
Summer '20 Oceanna Wings (Amethyst, Aqua, Lime Green)
Summer '20 Serena Hair (Mint, Pastel Pink, Sapphire)
Summer '20 Serena Hairclip (Mint, Pastel Pink, Sapphire)
Summer '20 Serena Tail (Mint, Pastel Pink, Sapphire)
Summer '20 Serena Top (Mint, Pastel Pink, Sapphire)

Halloween '11 Pumpkin Earrings (Orange)
Halloween '11 Pumpkin Hairclip (Fire Orange)
Halloween '11 Pumpkin Hat (Fire Orange)
Halloween '11 Pumpkin Pin (Fire Orange)
Halloween '11 Pumpkin Skin (Fire Orange, Orange)
Halloween '12 Dark Clivia x3
Halloween '12 Dark Rose
Halloween '12 Ghost Pirate Eyepatch (Dark Brown)
Halloween '14 Scarecrow Top
Halloween '15 Set (Coffee, Plum)
Halloween '16 Set (Black/Royal Purple)
Halloween '16 Set except for the Armwarmers(Gray White/Burgundy)
Halloween '18 Brooch (Maroon, Plum)
Halloween '18 Earrings (Plum, Powder Blue)
Halloween '18 Eye Bandage (Maroon, Plum, Powder Blue)
Halloween '18 Hair (Plum)
Halloween '18 Hair Extension(Maroon, Powder Blue)
Halloween '18 Headwings (Maroon, Plum)
Halloween '18 Mouth (Powder Blue)
Halloween '18 Ring (Maroon, Powder Blue)
Halloween '18 Tail (Maroon, Powder Blue)
Halloween '19 Long Hair (Amethyst, Blush, Crimson, Denim)

Doughnight '11 Flying Reindeer
Doughnight '11 Reindeer in my Hand x4
Doughnight '11 Reindeer on my Shoulder x5
Doughnight '16 Set

Air Sash 2 x1
Air Hair Extension x3
Air Ribbon x2
Air Frame x3
Air Flood x2
Air Crown x1
Air Hairclip x1
Air Coat x3
Air Eyepatch x1
Darkness Wings x1
Darkness Sash 2 x7
Darkness Hair Extension x6
Darkness Ribbon x4
Darkness Frame x10
Darkness Staff 2 x1
Darkness Flood x7
Darkness Crown x1
Darkness Eye Mark x2
Darkness Sign x1
Darkness Hairclip x4
Darkness Jewel x3
Darkness spell x1
Darkness Coat x1
Earth wings x1
Earth Staff 3 x1
Earth Sash 2 x2
Earth Hair Extension x5
Earth Ribbon x4
Earth Frame x4
Earth Staff 2 x5
Earth Flood x6
Earth Eye Mark x5
Earth Bird x1
Earth Hairclip x6
Earth Jewel x4
Earth spell x4
Earth Coat x6
Earth Eyepatch x2
Earth Mantra x1
Fire Top 3 x1
Fire Tail x1
Fire Sash 2 x1
Fire Hair Extension x2
Fire Ribbon x2
Fire Flood x2
Fire Crown x2
Fire Hairclip x2
Fire Jewel x3
Fire spell x2
Fire Coat x3
Fire Mantra x1
Light Mandala x1
Light Sash 2 x3
Light Hair Extension x4
Light Ribbon x2
Light Frame x2
Light Face Mask x1
Light Staff 2 x3
Light Eye Mark x2
Light Hairclip x3
Light Jewel x6
Light spell x2
Light Coat x1
Light Bird x1
Water Hairclips x1
Water Staff 3 x1
Water Sash 2 x4
Water Hair Extension x2
Water Ribbon x7
Water Frame x4
Water Eye Mark x2
Water Arrow x1
Water Hairclip x3
Water Jewel x1
Water spell x2
Water Bird x1
Water Eyepatch x1
Water Mantra x1

Limited Troth Items
January Fluffy Bunny Headband (Ecru, Gray White, Lavender, Mocha, Powder Blue)
January Fluffy Collar (Bright Turquoise, Gold, Pacific, Pastel Pink, Soft Ruby) x2
January Headband (Crimson, Jade Green, Lavender, Lemon, Light Green, Midnight Blue, Peach, Plum, Turquoise) x2
January Kitty (Cream White, Ecru, Lilac, Plum)
January Shiva Snake (Indigo, Jade Green, Lavender, Maroon, Ocher)

February Ifrit (Blue Iris, Cyber Yellow, Gray White, Periwinkle, Silver)
February Wolf (Coffee, Cool Gray, White Gray, Mocha)

March Kinchaku (Emerald Green, Midnight Blue, Plum, Scarlet, Teal)

April Flower Clip (Amethyst, Beige, Bright Orange, Bright Turquoise, Rose Gold) x2
April Ruffle Top (Aqua, Bright Orange, Claret, Emerald)

May Popsicle (Beige, Bright Orange, Fuchsia, Gold, Jade Green, Lilac, Pastel Pink, Pink, Sapphire)

June Braided Extension (Aqua, Ecru)
June Shirt (Bubblegum, Burgundy, Gold, Light Green, Magenta)

August Bird (Bright Orange, Fuchsia, Light Green, Lime, Violet)
August Eyes (Blue Iris, Cold Gray, Magenta, Maroon, Topaz)
August Tiara (Aqua, Gold, Maroon, Violet)

September Coral Wings (Bright Turquoise, Ecru, Ocher, Violet)

October Dotted Balloons (Cream White, Gold, Ice Blue, Magenta, Royal Purple)
October Frill Scarf (Claret, Plum)
October Rose Staff (Magenta, Periwinkle, Soft Blue, Yellow)

November Miniature Cat (Azure, Ecru, Indigo, Topaz)
November Veil (Gray White, Ice Blue, Lime, Violet)

December Caramel Apple(Bright Orange, Light Sand, Lime, Scarlet)
December Hairbun (Brown, Cream White, Ecru, Gray White, Plum)

Queen's Gifts
Queen's Heart Scarf (Crimson)
Queen's Ribbon Crown (Plum)
Queen's Heart bunny Ears (Cool Gray, Light Blue)
Queen's Ribbon Horn (Mint)
Queen's Duckling Headwings (Mocha)

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 Post subject: Re: Open! [B][S] Candy Caravan/Event items/More!
Post Posted: Oct 18th, '20, 03:12    

Kiwi Cannoli
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