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Nova's Avatar Wishlist
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Author:  XnovaX [ Nov 11th, '16, 23:17 ]
Post subject:  Nova's Avatar Wishlist

Hello~ I wasn't sure if I could make a wishlist topic..but I saw some users make one, so here it goes :qh:

This topic is for Avi items in the Dream Avatar Creator that I'm hoping to have in the future :qn:

~Table of Contents~
...Sets 1
...Sets 1 con.
...Set 2 (mixed)
...Set 2 con.
...Other Sets
...Other con.

Author:  XnovaX [ Nov 11th, '16, 23:18 ]
Post subject:  Re: Nova's Avatar Wishlist


Image Image Image
Angel Butterfly Wings (White) | (Soft Pink) | (Light Blue) - RS, 2,600 FP ea.
April Ruffle Top (Soft Blue) - est. value (??)
Ethaniel Knuffel Wings (Coffee) - est. value (??)

Author:  XnovaX [ Nov 11th, '16, 23:19 ]
Post subject:  Re: Nova's Avatar Wishlist

~Sets 1~

Spoiler: Carmilla
Carmilla Bite
Carmilla Drink
Carmilla Eyes
Carmilla Hair
Carmilla Mouth
Carmilla Top
Carmilla Wings
- est. value 1 :fc: /10,000 :food:

Spoiler: Dark Angel
Dark Angel Armwarmers
Dark Angel Garment
Dark Angel Eyes
Dark Angel Headpiece
Dark Angel Headwings
Dark Angel Lips
Dark Angel Wings
Dark Angel Hair (Magenta)
- est. value 1 :fc:/ 15,000 :food:

Spoiler: Darkness Gen 4
Darkness Gen 4 Hair (Maroon)
Darkness Gen 4 Headwings (Coffee)
Darkness Gen 4 Top (Coffee)
Darkness Gen 4 Wings (Coffee)
- est. value 8,000 :food:

Spoiler: Good or Evil
Good or Evil Garment
Good or Evil Hair
Good or Evil Halo
Good or Evil Headwings
Good or Evil Necklace
Good or Evil Tail
Good or Evil Wings
- est value 1 :fc:/ 13,000 :food:

Spoiler: Guro Lolita
Guro Lolita Bandage
Guro Lolita Dress
Guro Lolita Eyepatch
Guro Lolita Headpiece
Guro Lolita Patch
Guro Lolita Short Hair
- est. value 1 :fc:/ 10,000 :food:

Spoiler: Dark Butterfly
Eyes 11 (Aqua)
Dark Butterfly Background
Dark Butterfly Hair
Dark Butterfly Top
Dark Butterfly Wings
Dark Butterfly Border (Aqua)

Author:  XnovaX [ Nov 11th, '16, 23:19 ]
Post subject:  Re: Nova's Avatar Wishlist

~Sets 1 con.~


Author:  XnovaX [ Nov 11th, '16, 23:20 ]
Post subject:  Re: Nova's Avatar Wishlist

~Sets 2 - mixed~

Spoiler: Bastet mash-up
Hair 43 Wig (Dark Blue)
Laced Locket Heart Gloves (Midnight Blue) - LF, 720 FP
Halloween Background (Midnight Blue)
Letitia Lilly Armlet (Red) - LF, 400 FP
Bastet Ears
Bastet Pet
Forest Shaman Knuffel Top (Midnight Blue)

Spoiler: Puppet Strings/ Halloween mash-up
Puppet Strings Force Top (Black) - LF, 1540 FP
Puppet Strings Lace Necklace - LF, 700 FP
Demon Lantern
Puppet Strings Long Gloves (White) - LF, 940 FP
Halloween '11 Bat Background (Coffee)
Puppet Strings Mask (Black) - LF, 1500 FP
Old Rite Cloak (Black)
Gotika Candles
Halloween '13 Jester Star Facepaint (Black)
Halloween '13 Nurse Eyes (Coffee)

Spoiler: Shironeko mash-up
Winged Heart Necklace (Red) - FJ, 190 FP
Fire Gen 5 Dress
Simple Ring (Orange) - FJ, 40 FP
Fire Sash 1
Shironeko Ears
Shironeko Tail
OhMyRose Hairclip (Red) - FJ, 120 FP
Anyo Wig (Burgundy)
Blath Bracelet (Red) - FJ, 120 FP
Blath Upperarm Bracelet (Red) - FJ, 80 FP

Spoiler: Butterfly Lair mash-up
Body (female) (6)
Eyes 7 (Light Pink)
Mouth 1
Hair 79 (Bubblegum) - CC, 280 FP
Butterfly Lair Armwarmers
Butterfly Lair Background
Butterfly Lair Headband
Butterfly Lair Top
Butterfly Lair Wings
Butterfly Lair Pet (Light Blue)

Author:  XnovaX [ Nov 11th, '16, 23:21 ]
Post subject:  Re: Nova's Avatar Wishlist

~Sets 2 con.~


Author:  XnovaX [ Oct 20th, '19, 19:57 ]
Post subject:  Re: Nova's Avatar Wishlist

~Other Sets~

Image Image Image
Frog Infernal Ball Dress (Lavender) - LF, 1,400 :food:
Frog Infernal Bat Hairclip (Black) - LF, 700 :food:
Frog Infernal Rose Brooch (Black) - LF, 800 :food:
Image Image
Frog Infernal Pomp Dress (Blue White) - LF, 2,400 :food:
Frog Infernal Bat Hairclip (Blue White) - LF, 700 :food:

Author:  XnovaX [ Oct 20th, '19, 20:07 ]
Post subject:  Re: Nova's Avatar Wishlist


Author:  XnovaX [ Oct 20th, '19, 20:08 ]
Post subject:  Re: Nova's Avatar Wishlist

Now Open

Author:  XnovaX [ Oct 25th, '19, 12:59 ]
Post subject:  Re: Nova's Avatar Wishlist

I accidentally cleared my wishlist.. Don't even remember half the items on there Dx

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