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 Post subject: Digging Guide
Post Posted: Aug 9th, '20, 21:19    

Akili Li
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*note: this is based on my knowledge which may be inaccurate or out of date. If you have a contribution, correction, etc, PLEASE POST! Thank you.

General information on digging

By area: High Plains
By area: Dark Plains
By area: Frostland Coast
By area: Knobby Woods
By area: Tower of Light
By area: Fire Mountain

Complete Item listing, alphabetical
By item: Prevalent rarity
By item: Common rarity
By item: Average rarity
By item: Uncommon rarity
By item: Rare rarity
Seasonal & other misc

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Back, still catching up. Can now read pms again, thanks to The Amazing Firn

 Post subject: Re: Digging Guide
Post Posted: Aug 9th, '20, 22:02    

Akili Li
General information on digging

Summary in titles, details in spoilers.
1) Dig With Elemental Knuffel
You dig with knuffel. But not just any knuffel, only elemental knuffel.

Wild knuffel cannot dig
Only "regular" knuffel (ones that list a generation and an element), official holiday knuffel (from site events), Unique knuffel (from Firn's auctions), and (?)possibly(?) Firn's commissioned knuffel.
(Anyone who got one of those while she was offering it, please fill me in for sure on that. Are they elemental knuffel or wilds?)

2) Where to find elemental knuffel
You can get the Elemental knuffel from Knufftropolis.

Trial knuffel and the current element generations are available for Image from Tifunee on the default pages. This usually means there are 2 versions available for food points of each element.

*Note that the elemental knuffel generations are originally released with a limited quantity and for a limited time. If the quantity runs out before the time is up, there may not be one on offer for a specific element.

((I don't know if Firn will release the next generation early or wait until the time specified; someone let me know if she's given a ruling on that?))

**Note also that there are TWO pages. Water knuffel typically hide out on the second page.

You can get older, retired generations of elemental knuffel from the same place. Below Tifunee you'll see a button labeled "older generation Knuffel".

This includes retired holiday knuffel.

There are MANY pages, and these knuffel are available for :fc: not Image
The cost in fairy coins goes up for each additional generation that is released after they've been retired. (So, on first being retired, they cost 1 Image. After the next generation of the same element is retired, the older one costs 2 Image and the newly retired one cost 1 Image. There is currently no known cap to these prices.)
Retired Holiday knuffel cost 4 Image and this price does not change.
These are organized by time released, except that the holiday knuffel are all grouped together at the end. Other than them, the higher the page number the older the knuffel.
Sometimes there will be an error (I think Earth gen 18 is in there twice), or a knuffel will be missing. Just post about it in the support forum, if so. These are usually found and fixed fairly quickly.

3) What does "elemental knuffel" even mean?
Each elemental knuffel has an associated element (hence, "elemental knuffel").
This simply means they have a native bonus to their skill in digging within that element. (Well, also themed or grouped art by element, but this guide is just about digging, not art, so for our purposes, that's the only thing that matters)

A typical elemental knuffel will tell you which element it's associated with.
There's a convenient big colored dot in the corner of the knuffel's portrait.
Dark purple = darkness
Dark blue = water
Pale blue = air
Yellow = light
Red = fire
Green = earth

Or you can, if you have trouble with colors, hover over the knuffel in Knufftropolis and you should see alt-text listing the element and the generation, or the element and "trial". Holiday knuffel you usually can't tell unless you go to the Knuffel's stat page. Or sometimes it's stated in the original announcement, or if you own the knuffel you can have your knuffel list show only a specific element.... or just ask someone who can tell the color.

4) Candy Island 101 (layout)
On Candy Island, where you will dig, there are 6 areas on the map, one for each element:
High Plains is associated with Air (pale blue dot)
Dark Plains is associated with Darkness (dark purple dot)
Frostland Coast is associated with Water (dark blue dot)
Knobby Woods is associated with Earth (green dot)
Tower of Light is associated with Light (yellow dot)
Fire Mountain is associated with Fire (red dot).

Above the map to the right, you'll see the area to select a knuffel.
Once you've selected a knuffel, you'll see its portrait and stats displayed on the upper left.

In the lower left there should be a timer until the server rollover for the new day. Try not to be actually during when that changes, it can lead to some interesting errors. If you do, and you start getting funny bugs, just clear your cache and cookies, close the browser, reopen it, come back to the site and try again. That usually fixes it.

5) Digging Skills 101 (where to find them, how to advance them)
Elemental Knuffel start out with a skill of "1" in each area outside their element, and a "10" in their associated element.

On your knuffel's main stat page, you can see the digging statistics below their room on the right hand side. These are organized next to the color icons with no label.
Three columns, two rows.
Top row left to right:
Red dot, fire. Purple dot, darkness. Green dot, earth.
Bottom row, left to right:
dark blue dot, water. Yellow dot, light. Pale blue dot, air.

As you level up your knuffel from 1 to 100, each time you level you gain the ability to increase their digging skill in ONE area.

This means that if you evenly distribute all their skill points from leveling, at lvl 100 they will have a skill of "19" in each element.

If you put them all on a single element which is NOT their associated element, then at lvl 100: that element will end up with a skill of "100", the other non-associated elements will have a skill of "1", and their originally associated element will have a skill of "10"

If you put them all on a single element which IS their associated element, then at lvl 100: Their main element will have a skill of "109", and each other will have a skill of "1".

How do these numbers work? Wait, I need to explain something else first.

6) Candy Island 102 (Knuffel selection)
When you go to Candy Island, there will be a drop-down menu with all your elemental knuffel listed.
If you have a lot of knuffel, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND checking the box that says "Only list ready to dig".

There are a number of ways to select knuffel from that drop-down list.
Wait, I said that wrong.
You select the knuffel the same way, you FIND the knuffel differently, because there are several ways to ORGANIZE the drop-down menu/list of elemental knuffel.
Each version is designed to help you do something.

If you select by element, and you've consistently used elements when levelling up digging skills, it helps you find the knuffel you want for targeted digging.
Let's say you're looking for Lava for a quest.
That's not found everywhere; digging in the Frostland Coast won't help you out.
So you organize the list by element, and start using all your fire knuffel to dig in the Fire Mountain. (You still might not find lava; it's a rare item. But your chances are better with knuffel who've got high fire skills).

Let's say instead that you have limited time to dig, and you want to concentrate on levelling up the knuffel you've had longest. Well, when a knuffel finds an item it gets a nice little boost of xp. So you can select it to organize by age, and start digging with all your oldest knuffel first until you run out of time, which means they all get the bigger boost and level up fastest.

Or if you level your knuffel's digging skills in some pattern known only to you, but you give them names to reflect what you've done, you can have it organized by name, so that you can easily choose the appropriate knuffel for where you want to dig.

If you didn't tell it to only show you knuffel ready to dig.... this is important:

Once you've selected a knuffel, look at its stats in the upper left to make sure it's actually ready to dig!
It will show you, below its name, the energy and happiness bar numbers.
Below that, it will tell you how many digs it has left for the day, and actually tell you flat out if it's "ready to dig" or "not ready to dig".

7) "Ready to Dig"
If a knuffel isn't ready to dig, you can't fix it from Candy Island.

You'll have to pull up another tab and go to your Knuffel from there, fix it, and then tell Candy Island to REFRESH KNUFFEL STATUS (to the left of the drop-down selection). Give it a moment. If you have many knuffel, sometimes it takes a while. (I started noticing the delay around 125 knuffel or so). Or, of course, you can just leave the page, go to your knuffel and fix it, and return to Candy Island after.

If you refresh from Candy Island:
Any knuffel you previously had selected will be unselected, but its status will update, and if you'd checked that marvelous box "Only list ready to dig", then if you've fixed the issue it'll show up again.

Refreshing the list is also handy if you're digging around the time of server refresh.
Let's say you're looking for lava again. It's almost server reset, but you quick go through all your fire knuffel, and then desultorily start on your earth knuffel while you wait. You go for a snack, and when you're back the clock has ticked over.
Hit that "refresh" button and all those fire knuffel show back up again!
Of course, you might have to feed them and play with them, but it's a start.

Speaking of that.

To be able to dig:
They must have happiness and energy bars above half (colored blue when looking at a knuffel's profile page or the knuffel list in your my knuffel page)

Each time they dig, it will use up energy and happiness.
If the bars fall below half, the bars will turn red color and the knuffel will be unable to dig, even if it has digs left for the day.

When a Knuffel finds something, it uses up less happiness (or maybe the same amount of happiness and energy are used, but some is returned on a success? I'm not sure of how it works technically.)
When they find nothing, it uses up more.

You can quickly max out these bars with Happiness pills; red and blue ones for the two bars. These can be found throughout the site, randomly, or be made from the Alchemist, or be purchased from the Market or traded from other users. You can also raise the bars by feeding your knuffel and playing with them; they have a wait time of 20 seconds before they can be fed/played with again, and must rest that long after digging before being fed/played with.

8) Digs per Day: where they come from
Knuffel each have a set number of times per day they can dig. This resets with date change for the SERVER. (In Candy Island, there is a timer in the lower right which tells you when that will be).
It is linked to their level.
They start out with 5 digs per day at lvl 1.
At every level divisible by 5, they gain another dig per day.
(so at level five they have 6 digs, at level ten they have 7. At level 75 they have 20 per day, and at their maximum level of 100, they have 25 digs per day.)
However many digs they have per day, you can double this, once, by equipping Amely the Cat. This is a functional knuffel room item available for 1 :fc: from Scull at the Living Empire shop.
There is a 24 hour lock on this item, so you can't buy one and then just switch it between knuffel to dig with each day.
(Most of us double our digging by buying a second knuffel, instead.)

9) Digging Skills 102: what the numbers mean
Alright! Now that you know all that, we're ready to get into what those digging skill numbers mean.

When you go to Candy Island, and select a knuffel to dig with, who IS ready to dig:

Now you choose *where* they dig.
You will see your selected knuffel to the upper left of the island, with their stats listed out for you, so you can remember where they are skilled.

Click on any of the place names or the colored dot near the name to have the knuffel dig there.

The knuffel's digging skill in that element determines its percentile chance of finding an item.

So let's say you have a knuffel with 102 in air and 4 in earth and 1 in everything else.
If you dig in the High Plains (air), that knuffel has an 102% chance of finding a material from there. Meaning it is guaranteed to find a material every time it digs there.
If you dig in the Knobby Woods, it has a 4% chance of finding something.
Anywhere else, only a 1% chance of finding something.

When a knuffel's skill goes over 100%, not only are you guaranteed to find a material, but you have a higher chance of finding RARE items.
This includes higher rarity materials, but also the seasonal items (typically these change once a year. Firn makes an announcement when it happens. Sometimes these are limited-edition knuffel room items, sometimes it is limited-edition avatar items).

10) Finding food by digging:
Sometimes a knuffel can bring back food points for you.
A knuffel ONLY has a chance of finding food (10 Image most often, sometimes 50 Image , occasionally 200 Image and very rarely 10000 Image ) if it does NOT find a material.

So your chances of bringing back food is better in an elemental area that your knuffel has the minimum skill with.

Take the example knuffel from earlier (it had 102 in air, 4 in earth, 1 everywhere else):
you'd have no chance of finding food in the high plains, because instead it would bring back an air material.
If you dug with that knuffel in the Dark Plains, you'd have only a 1 in 100 chance of bringing back material, but you *might* bring back food.

I don't know what the base percentage chance is on that. It's not actually hugely high; mostly you won't bring back anything from there, with that knuffel. But you MIGHT bring back food.

11) Functional Room Items, and how they affect digging:
There are currently 2 functional room items that increase a knuffel's chance of finding Image while digging. The Sleepover Fireflies for Tower of Light, and the ChipChip Fountain for Frostland Coast. Both of these are available from Scull in the Living Empire shop for 5200 Image

They will NOT help if you put them on a knuffel that has 100 or higher skill in that element (ie if you have a water knuffel with 109 skill in water, and you put the ChipChip Fountain in that knuffel's room, that knuffel will still NEVER bring back Image for you when digging in water; because it will instead ALWAYS find a material item. If you put it on a knuffel that has 109 skill in air, and only 1 skill in water, it will be of some use to you.)
These items do not stack, and also have a 24 hour lock.
Since I don't know the base chances for a knuffel to find food, I can't actually give numbers on how much it will help.

The other functional room items (all from Scull in Living Empire):
Apples and cupcakes: these will automatically, albeit slowly, fill your knuffel's happiness and energy bars. The rate is not high, but a lvl 100 knuffel with 25 digs? If you start at full bars, and then use all the digs, and then go away for 24 hours, then when you return that knuffel will be ready to dig again for you without your having to stop and feed and play with it, first.
They are purchased for Image
The effect they have on digging:
Makes your knuffel ready to dig in terms of full energy/happiness bars without your clicks

Lava Lamp: this item will slowly level up your knuffel for you, by giving it 70 xp every hour. This is given in a lump at the end of an hour. You can't leave it be for 15 minutes and expect to get 12 xp. If you take it off after 59 minutes, your knuffel gets 0 xp. If you take it off after 61 minutes, your knuffel will have gotten 70 xp. Costs 1 Image
The effect it has on digging: indirect; use it to level up your knuffel. Knuffel levelling gives you skill points to spend and more digs per day

Amely the Cat: discussed earlier, under Digs Per Day (spoiler 8). Recap: doubles digs per day.

Occasionally there will be a limited-edition functional room item for a holiday. These are only functional for the duration of that holiday, and are unavailable from the shop thereafter.
No effect on digging. (So far. I suppose some upcoming holiday that might change)

Room Trophy: NOT from Scull. From winning the Knuffel Room contest.
No effect on digging.

12: Digging for XP
Digging can help you level up faster. There's a few ways to do this.
Fastest levelling of all is as follows:
Have Candy Island up in one tab, and your knuffel list in another.
In your knuffel list tab, feed and play with the chosen knuffel until it is ALMOST full in its tabs. Use a red pill and a blue pill to finish it off. (they each give 10 xp)
In Candy island, select the knuffel you want to level (the same one you just made ready)
Dig, ONCE, in the area it has highest digging skill in (you want it to find something, it gets more xp that way).
Switch over to the knuffel list tab. Digging that once will have, slightly, lowered the two bars. You can't see that unless you refresh, but you don't need to. Interacting with it from this tab will automatically refresh it, so just take it on faith that happened, and feed it another blue pill and red pill.
Switch back to the Candy Island tab, and rinse/repeat until all the digs for the day are used, or you're out of pills.
If you're out of pills and don't want to make or buy more, you can continue to maximize xp gain by patiently waiting the 20 seconds post-dig and feeding and playing with the knuffel between each dig.
It takes longer, and you only gain 2 extra xp instead of 20, but if that knuffel has 16 digs, that's still an additional 32 xp! Nothing to sneeze at.
If your knuffel levels up somewhere in there, top off its bars and then STOP AND LEVEL IT!
And then give it another pair of pills, or another food/play with.

Because its skill just went up, so did its chance of finding something when you next dig, and you do want that extra xp boost.

Is this guide missing something? Or is something in it wrong?
Post and let me know!

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 Post subject: Re: Digging Guide
Post Posted: Aug 9th, '20, 22:04    

Akili Li
By Area:

This is an alphabetical list of all the materials you can find in the High Plains, by rarity.

((in progress))

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 Post subject: Re: Digging Guide
Post Posted: Aug 9th, '20, 22:05    

Akili Li
By Area:

This is an alphabetical list of all the materials you can find in the Dark Plains, by rarity

((in progress))

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 Post subject: Re: Digging Guide
Post Posted: Aug 9th, '20, 22:07    

Akili Li
By Area:

This is an alphabetical list of all the materials you can find in the Frostland Coast, by rarity

((in progress))

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 Post subject: Re: Digging Guide
Post Posted: Aug 9th, '20, 22:08    

Akili Li
By Area:

This is an alphabetical list of all the materials you can find in the Knobby Woods, by rarity.

((in progress))

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 Post subject: Re: Digging Guide
Post Posted: Aug 9th, '20, 22:09    

Akili Li
By Area:

This is an alphabetical list of all the materials you can find in the Tower of Light, by rarity

((in progress))

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 Post subject: Re: Digging Guide
Post Posted: Aug 9th, '20, 22:10    

Akili Li
By Area:

This is an alphabetical list of all the materials you can find in the Fire Mountain
((in progress))

Bananarama Paper Bag
Belladonna Flower
Black Diamond
Blue Diamond
Blue Rose
Book of Fire
Book of Jokes
Cheese Sandwich
Clown Shoe
Copper Ore
Dogwood Leaf
Dumpling Recipe
Fire Orb
Fire Potion
Fire Ring
Generic Amulet
Gold Ore
Iris Flower
Iron Ore
Laughing Gas
Lunatic Fringe Paper Bag
Mithril Ore
Mountain Dew
Phoenix Feather
Phoenix Tear
Pink Diamond
Purikura Paper Bag
Raven Feather
Red Candle
Red Diamond
Red Pepper
Silver Ore
Spring Water
Tin Ore
Treasure Map
White Diamond

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 Post subject: Re: Digging Guide
Post Posted: Aug 9th, '20, 22:13    

Akili Li
Complete Materials List

This is a complete alphabetical list of all the materials. Rarity will be listed after the name.

Acorn (prevalent)
Air Orb (rare)
Air Potion (uncommon)
Air Ring (average)
Angel Feather (rare)
Angel Tear (rare)
Angelica Leaf (common)
Apple Core (prevalent)
Apple Juice (prevalent)
Artichoke (prevalent)
Banana Peel (prevalent)
Bananarama Paper Bag (prevalent)
Bay Leaves (prevalent)
Belladonna Flower (common)
Bills (uncommon)
Black Candle (average)
Black Diamond (rare)
Bloodstone (uncommon)
Blue Balloon (common)
Blue Candle (average)
Blue Diamond (rare)
Blue Guppy (common)
Blue Macaw Feather (average)
Blue Rose (average)
Book of Air (rare)
Book of Art (uncommon)
Book of Darkness (rare)
Book of Death (uncommon)
Book of Earth (rare)
Book of Fire (rare)
Book of Herbs (average)
Book of Jokes (prevalent)
Book of Light (rare)
Book of Magic (uncommon)
Book of Music (common)
Book of Time (rare)
Book of Water (rare)
Bromine (average)
Bubbles (common)
Caique Feather (uncommon)
Cell Phone (prevalent)
Cheese Sandwich (common)
Chestnut (prevalent)
Cherry Blossom (average)
Chewing Gum (prevalent)
Cloud (average)
Clown Shoe (prevalent)
Cobra Fang (uncommon)
Copper Ore (average)
Cottonwood Leaf (common)
Crystal Ball (uncommon)
Crystallized Air (rare)
Crystallized Light (rare)
Daffodil (prevalent)
Darkness Orb (rare)
Darkness Potion (uncommon)
Darkness Ring (average)
Daruma Doll (average)
Dogwood Leaf (common)
Dragon Eye (rare)
Duck Feather (common)
Dumpling Recipe (prevalent)
Eagle Feather (uncommon)
Earth Orb (rare)
Earth Potion (uncommon)
Earth Ring (average)
Eel (common)
Family Jewels Paper Bag (prevalent)
Fire Orb (rare)
Fire Potion (uncommon)
Fire Ring (average)
Fishbone (prevalent)
Flower Petals (prevalent)
Fork (prevalent)
Generic Amulet (common)
Geranium Leaf (common)
Goblin Ear (uncommon)
Gold Coins (uncommon)
Gold Ore (uncommon)
Golden Bullion (rare)
Golden Crown (rare)
Golden Ring (uncommon)
Goldfish (prevalent)
Green Balloon (common)
Green Candle (average)
Green Diamond (rare)
Groundsel (average)
Gryphon Claw (uncommon)
Halibut (uncommon)
Harpy Feather (uncommon)
Harpy Hair (average)
Heart Balloon (average)
Holy Light (rare)
Holy Water (common)
Holy Wind (common)
Ink Pot (prevalent)
Iris Flower (common)
Iron Ore (common)
Ivy Leaf (common)
Knuffel Skull (uncommon)
Koi (uncommon)
Laughing Gas (average)
Laurel Leaf (common)
Lava (rare)
Light Orb (rare)
Light Potion (uncommon)
Light Ring (average)
Lily (average)
Lunatic Fringe Paper Bag (prevalent)
Mandragora (uncommon)
Maple Leaf (prevalent)
Marshmallow (prevalent)
Mercury (uncommon)
Mermaid Hair (average)
Mermaid Scales (uncommon)
Mermaid Tear (rare)
Minotaur Horn (uncommon)
Mithril Ore (rare)
Moorish Idol (common)
Morning Dew (average)
Moth Orchid (average)
Mountain Dew (common)
Mushroom (prevalent)
Oak Leaf (prevalent)
Old Boot (prevalent)
Olive Tree Leaf (average)
Orange Juice (common)
Origami Crane (prevalent)
Oyster (common)
Paper Airplane (prevalent)
Peacock Feather (average)
Pearl (uncommon)
Pencil (prevalent)
Peony (common)
Phoenix Feather (rare)
Phoenix Tear (uncommon)
Pink Diamond (uncommon)
Pink Rose (uncommon)
Pionus Feather (average)
Pliers (prevalent)
Poison (uncommon)
Purikura Paper Bag (prevalent)
Purple Balloon (common)
Purple Candle (average)
Purple Perch (common)
Rain Cloud (uncommon)
Raven Feather (common)
Red Candle (average)
Red Diamond (rare)
Red Guppy (average)
Red Pepper (common)
Red Rose (common)
Saffron Flower (average)
Sausage (common)
SchnikSchnak Tribe Mask (average)
Shell (prevalent)
Silver Crown (uncommon)
Siver Ore (average)
Silver Ring (average)
Snowflake (prevalent)
Sparrow Egg (prevalent)
Spathe Flower (common)
Spider Web (prevalent)
Spoon (common)
Spring Water (prevalent)
Star (uncommon)
Sunflower (prevalent)
Swallowtail Pomfret (uncommon)
Sweet Pea (prevalent)
TikiTaki Tribe Mask (uncommon)
Tin Ore (average)
Toilet Paper (prevalent)
Treasure Map (common)
Trout (average)
Trumpet Vine (common)
Tulip (prevalent)
Twig (prevalent)
Unicorn Horn (uncommon)
Valentine Water (uncommon)
Valerian Leaf (average)
Viola (common)
Water Orb (rare)
Water Potion (uncommon)
Water Ring (average)
Weed (prevalent)
Wererat Fang (uncommon)
Wererat Tail (uncommon)
Wheat (prevalent)
White Diamond (uncommon)
Will-o'-Wisp (rare)
Window (common)
Wren Egg (average)
Wuffel Skull (uncommon)
Yellow Balloon (common)

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 Post subject: Re: Digging Guide
Post Posted: Aug 9th, '20, 22:14    

Akili Li
Prevalent Materials

Alphabetical list of prevalent materials, with where you can find each.
((in progress))

Apple Core
Apple Juice
Banana Peel
Bananarama Paper Bag
Bay Leaves
Book of Jokes
Cell Phone
Chewing Gum
Clown Shoe
Dumpling Recipe
Family Jewels Paper Bag
Flower Petals
Ink Pot
Lunatic Fringe Paper Bag
Maple Leaf
Oak Leaf
Old Boot
Origami Crane
Paper Airplane
Purikura Paper Bag
Sparrow Egg
Spider Web
Spring Water
Sweet Pea
Toilet Paper

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